How To Design And Style Beautiful, Simple Fall Arrangements


One of my favorite ways to introduce Fall decor and add seasonal vibes tour home is with Floral stems and arrangements. In this post I’m sharing several ideas for designing beautiful and simple vignettes.



Mix Textures


Create an statement by combining to different textures together . In this arrangement, I added to wispy wheat stems with a bulkier pear stem. Contrasting the colors and textures gives a unique look and they compliment each other well.




Group 3-7 stems of the same style. Depending on the vessel you can select the fullness you prefer based on the height of the vase itself. Keeping it to one stem style is a very on trend look and keeps things simple, yet still distinctive.



Warm & Neutral

When transitioning into Fall, stick with neutral colors. These faded leaves are not only calming, but they mimic the tone of stems from the fading colors of summertime. This way it doesn’t feel too overdone and creates a calming shift into the season.



In this arrangement I added to our bedroom, I added some contrasting black pods to add more interest and contrast to the leaves and light colored vase.



Light And Airy

Another great way to roll into summer is with light and airy stems. Start with wispy wheat and sparse leaves to keep things light as you transition into the heavier warmer season ahead.



Large Statement

I love the heavy look of these large stems. The chunky neutral leaves and twiggy branches make a big impact when placed in a simple black vase and balanced out with more delicate candlesticks and wheat bunches.



Elements Of Nature

Bringing in elements of nature like dried gourds and wheat bundles look beautiful mixed in vignettes with your fall arrangements. They add more texture and character for visual interest.



Mixed Groupings

Combining various vase sizes with bunches of stems that compliment each other are perfect when creating fall vignettes.



Warm Lighting

When styling seasonal arrangements , add some warm lighting like candles and lamps to give a beautiful ambiance. I love the glow of candlelight with all the textures of the season.



Shop Fall Stems


Decorating with Fall stems can be very simple and add so much character to your home for the season. For more Fall decorating inspiration check out these posts How To Decorate And Transform Your Home Into Fall,Simple And Elegant Fall Mantel Display,Fall Porch Decorating Ideas


Stay tuned for more ideas and future Fall inspiration, It’s one of my favorite times of the year and I can’t wait to share more. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay updated on all the latest posts throughout the season.


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August 23, 2022

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