Simple And Elegant Fall Mantel Display

Fall is in the air (kind of) and our house is feeling the cozy vibes of the season. I created this years mantel with a little rich elegance in mind. The rich color scheme and simplicity really gives the fireplace a chic style. I have several simple fall mantel ideas here if this one isn’t your thing. You can read about them here Easy And Pretty Early Fall Mantel Ideas, and here Five Easy And Beautiful Fall Mantel Ideas

When I create a mantel scape I usually have a few go to items I always incorporate. I get asked a lot how I come up with the ideas for them, and honestly I don’t have a great answer for that. However, I do get inpsiration for them perusing Pinterest and magazines. I guess you could say I get a “feeling” or a look in my mind and I play with it until the vision comes to life.


Tip #1

I like to have a color scheme in mind, especially when it comes to the holiday or seasonal design. This year I went with mustard, rich rust and terra cotta and of course incorporated them in with my signature black and white. I decided to weave in all the color with floral stems and picks.



Tip #2


Vary heights and shapes of items. I’m actually a big fan of asymmetrical designs. I just like the feel and aesthetic of the look. I also think varying the heights draws you eye around the entire display if you can alternate heights and dimension. In this look I used the tall slender candlesticks but added fullness with the vase and filler stems of leaves.



Tip #3


Allow for items to “spill” over the mantel to give a flow to the look. Like the height, the lower lying items bring your eyes down and around the vignette. It also breaks up the hard lines and softens the edges a little.



Tip #4


Add a spotlight item or a “wow” factor. In this look I used the pop of white pumpkins to create  ground the other items and give a center of main attraction if you will. Items of contrasting color can really make all the other items grounded and helps with the flow.



Tip #5


Add ambiance for a pretty glow. Fireplaces are all about creating a cozy, comforting vibe. Bringing in some candle or sring lights are the perfect touch to balance out the glow of a fire. I added some mini fairly lights that are battery operated on a timer. I love the warmth and sparkle they add to the arrangement, especially for Fall.




So there you have my secrets and tips for creating a fabulous mantle look. I can’t wait to share my Halloween idea and Oh wow wait until you see what’s coming for Christmas. It’s going to be spectacular and the theme is so fun…stay tuned !



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Happy Decorating








October 2, 2021

  1. Michelle says:

    I always look forward to your beautiful mantels and inspiration. Love the colors you have chosen!! Thank you for your creativity and sharing your talents!

  2. Susanne says:

    Gorgeous! I have been looking for florals like these. Where did you get them?

    • says:


      Most of them are from Hobby Lobby. The gold leaves are from Michael’s stores.


  3. Jodi says:

    This is beautiful!!! And could you tell me where you got your mantle?

    • says:

      Hi Jodi,

      We actually built the mantel. I have a blog post on it. Just search fireplace makeover in the search bar

      Thanks Deborah

  4. Sabbir says:

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