Simple Ways How To Add Fall Touches To Your Kitchen


Fall is here and one of my favorite areas to incorporate Fall touches is in the kitchen. This is the room where we spend the most time so why not make it festive and pretty too? Here are some simple styling ideas to spruce up you kitchen for the Fall season.



There are so many beautiful ways to dress up your home for Fall, and it doesn’t take much. Since our kitchen is very small, I try to keep things to a minimum. I just create a few “wow factor” vignettes for visual interest and warmth and texture.


Incorporate Florals


The best way to create a gorgeous fall vignette is with all of the beautiful stems that are available. It really doesn’t take much to make a big impact. Just a few branches in a unique vase is all you need. I like to use 3-5 of the same branch instead of making a big arrangement with several different styles. That way things stay more cohesive and less cluttered looking. 

Wreaths are also perfect for a kitchen to add some Fall texture and warmth.




Decorative sculptures

Pumpkins, gourds and fruit make great decorative accents for a kitchen. Just place in an arrangement in a bowl like these mini white pumpkins. They look great next to a colorful arrangement of branches.






You can also just place a simple pumpkin in a bowl and tuck in leaves to make a complete arrangement. This is a good way to get some height on a counter without taking up too much space.




Create Vignettes With Cooking Items


Collect frequently used items together on a pretty wood pedestal or tray then add a pop of fall stems or floral elements. I just added some simple pods to a terra-cotta vase and then tucked in with cooking items.



You can also create a cute coffee station with a few simple items. I found this clear glass pumpkin jar at the Target dollar and it’s perfect for holding coffee or tea bags. I’m using the little pumpkin compote for a sugar bowl. Super cute and easy.



Another fun way to dress up your kitchen, is displaying pretty dishes that can bring in the seasonal flare. Warmer tone dishes, pumpkin shape serving platters and more.



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September 8, 2022


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