How To Add Fall Decor To Create A Beautiful Foyer


Creating a beautiful entryway is the perfect way to welcome guests to your home. It’s also a great way to set the stage for the season. You don’t have to do much to add some simple touches of Autumn to your home. Here are a few of my tips for creating a gorgeous Fall foyer in your home.


Color Scheme


Select a combination of 3-4 colors that are cohesive and placed throughout the rest of your home. That kind of sets the mood and makes the home feel more together and less cluttered. This year I’m keeping things soft and neutral with wheat, natural, mustard and creme. As the season revs up, you can trade out for more intense color like a pop of rust or orange, or a bright yellow.





Using a mirror as a backdrop in a foyer makes the space feel larger and reflects the beauty of your home. You can also hang art and wreaths from the mirror or layer it in fo more visual interest.




Vary Height & Texture


Mix up the texture by blending pottery with metals and glass. This creates visual interest and gives character to the vignette.



Elements Of Nature


Adding any type of foliage or groupings of pinecones, gourd, pumpkins to arrangements helps to anchor everything. By adding groupings of items found in nature, you create a more organic, effortless vibe. I love to use wheat bundles, pods and clusters of pears.



This early fall mantel design is a great way to transition into fall before adding all the vibrant color, leaves and pumpkins…



I hope this gave you some inspiration to add some fall festivity to your foyer. For more fall inspiration you can visit these posts How To Design And Style Beautiful, Simple Fall ArrangementsHow To Decorate And Transform Your Home Into FallHow To Create A Beautiful And Simple Fall Mantel Scape

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Happy Decorating

August 30, 2022


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