How To Design A Beautiful, Cozy Fall Bed


How do you design a beautiful and cozy bed for Fall?  I mean, why not make your bedroom inviting and festive for the upcoming season ahead. It really only takes a few elements and texture changes to get a designer bed look. Come see my tips on how to create the look.


Step 1

Start with soft high quality sheets. Usually a neutral solid gives that look of luxury. The higher the thread count, usually the softer the sheets. I prefer 400-500 thread count.



Step 2

Add a soft quilt or comforter with a little bit of texture like a channel stitch quilt. Any pattern works, but for Fall into winter you can usually go a little heavier with a velvet or chenille texture.





Step 3


Add a duvet in another fabric like linen or flax. I like to add a larger duvet inside a smaller cover to give it a fuller look. It helps the duvet stay in place better as well. Then I triple fold it at the end of the bed to give that full, fluffy look. I also add Euro pillows first, then add the standard shams in front. The usual rule with Euro shams is 3 for a king bed and 2 for a queen. I like the euros to match my quilt and the standards to match the duvet. However you can also add contrasting colors if you want. The more. monochromatic the colors, the more soothing and cozy it looks.



Step 4


Add decorative throw pillows for color and interest. Here is where you can have lots of fun. I really wanted a neutral monochromatic look. However, if you want to add more color, this is where you can introduce that. Since this is for Fall, I went with a warm brown mix to give a rich hue and pop against our feature wall. (which is painted Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams)






Step 5


Since it’s Fall and we are going into cooler nights, I add a chunky knit blanket for extra texture and bulk. I love how it finishes the bed and creates more fullness at the end.










I kept the accents very soft and simple using neutral stems and this gorgeous wheat wreath.



Now I’m ready for some cool Fall temps to kick in….how about you? For more Fall inspiration you can check out these posts Easy And Pretty Early Fall Mantel IdeasSix Unique And Simple Ways To Style Pumpkins For FallFour Simple And Beautiful Fall Tablesetting Ideas


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Happy Decorating


August 18, 2022


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