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Spring is almost here!! I’ve been slowly bringing out the greenery and flowers to lighten things up and refresh the decor. I’ve created a few simple arrangements and sharing the details with you. This year I’m really craving some simplicity and a more organic vibe. For more Spring ideas you can check out these posts How To Create A Beautiful Spring Centerpiece Arrangement,

How To Create A Pretty Spring Door Basket



Idea 1

This look is so simple and I love to use pitchers as a vessel. I popped in some greenery stems a a few cherry blossom stems to create this look. The key is to bend and form them to flow and have a natural fall as if they were just clipped.




Idea #2

Light and airy is how I would describe this look. I started with some willow branches and added a little moss to the branches. Then I mixed in some bamboo style branches . The key to this look is to keep it sparse and not overload it with too many branches.



Idea #3


A big trend for arrangements currently is to just add one style of branches. I added a cluster of about 5 cherry blossom stems. One tip is to vary the height of the stems by folding some over to give variations of height. Then I created a little vignette using a cutting board to anchor all the items. A sweet little moss bunny and a nest complete the look.




Idea #4

Simple tulips are perfect for a Spring arrangement. These real touch (faux) tulips are so sweet and I love how they pop in this black vase. The key is to bend the branches and let some of them fall as a real tulip would in a vase. Also be sure to vary the heights in the vessel. You can easily just bend the branches and vary the heights as you tuck them in the vase.






I hope these inpsired you to create your own pretty arrangements. Here are some table ideas as well Two Ideas For Making A Spring Hoop Wreath, 


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Happy Decorating

March 2, 2023

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