How To Create A Beautiful Spring Mantel



Spring is in the air and making its way in our home. This year I’m not going with the typical pastel colorful look of spring. I’m wanting a more chic, organic vibe that is simple and fresh. This look is more neutral and cohesive with the rest of our home and creates a more soothing and relaxing look throughout.. 


Creating symmetrical designs is my most favorite way to decorate, especially on our mantel decor. I wanted it to be light, airy and fresh. Here are the elements that combined created this look:



The first item I started with was the beautiful florals. To set the height, I added some gorgeous greenery ivy and blossom stems in a casual layout.




Then, on the opposite side I created a cluster of stems and blossoms anchored with a few small nails. I wanted the greenery to look like naturally flowing ivy .





To reflect the design and create a background to “ground” everything, I used the large round mirror. I love how it reflects light from the opposite windows and picks decor from all angles in our home. I also balanced out the height of the tall arrangement with black candlesticks. The black keeps the whole look more cohesive, sophisticated and clean.






To soften the hard lines of the stone and mantel, I placed the ottomans and pillows. This not only provides more seating, but gives more texture and pattern to an otherwise bare area. I also like to add battery candles inside the fireplace once we no longer use it for actual fires.




I may pop in some soft color once we are further into Spring. However, for now I’m loving the soft simplicity of the look.






I hope you enjoyed this unique look for Spring. I know some people don’t think of black as being a spring color. But I actually thing its the perfect way to pop the pretty spring greens and blossoms. For more Spring decor inspiration, check out these postsHow To Create A Beautiful Spring Arrangement InspirationHow To Create A Beautiful Spring Centerpiece ArrangementHow To Create A Pretty Spring Door Basket




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March 6, 2023


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