How To Create A Pretty Spring Door Basket


Hello Spring!!! Isn’t it amazing what a slight change of daylight and weather can do for your energy? I don’t know about you but this seasonal change gave me so much motivation to do some small lightening and dressing up in our home. Small touches to bring in the new season can be just what your mood needs. I created this pretty basket for the front door and I love how simple and sweet it is. You won’t believe how easy it is to make too….




  • Hanging basket (I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby)
  • Assortment of greenery stems of your choice.
  • Florists foam block
  • Wire Cutters
  • Moss



Here’s a close up of the greenery I used. As you can see it doesn’t take much and you could easily pull scraps from leftover greenery you may have. The ideas is to make it light and airy.



I love the light and airy look of this pretty grapevine basket. 



Step 1



Cut a chunk of the florists foam to fit into the top part of the basket. You don’t really need it to fill the entire basket.


Step 2



Start in the back with your taller branches and greenery first. This particular arrangement is made to be more asymmetrical  in nature. The taller items on the back right will balance with the spiller greenery on the front left.



Step 3



Next add the “fillers, thrillers and spillers”. Add your prettiest flowers you want to spotlight in the center then add some fillers greenery and florals to give fullness. Once you have those items added, place a trailing greenery in the left bottom side to balance out the top right and give a flowing effect. Then add a cute little birds nest into the spillers for a pretty feature item. I just place a heave gage wire through the nest and tucked it into the florists foam



Step 4



Finally, fill in the spaces and gaps with moss. I din’t even glue it, just push through the holes in the basket or tuck down in the greenery.



See, I told ou it was super easy. I just love how festive and classic it looks. Sweet and simple, just like Spring. Stay tuned the next 2 weeks for more Spring decor inspiration and ideas. If you need some now here are a few posts you can check out Simply Beautiful Spring Wreath IdeasFive DIY Spring Decor Ideas

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Happy Decorating

March 22, 2022

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