How To Create A Beautiful And Festive Christmas Mantel



The most wonderful and festive time of the year is approaching and I’m super excited. I have been busy decking the halls and dressing up our home for the holidays. I’m loving this years color scheme of black, butternut, rust and brown tones. I usually start with our great room mantel to set the stage for the decor in the rest of the home. Keep reading to get my tips on how I created this years look.

My mantels vary so much year to year and I love that it gives so much creative energy to design whatever magical look you want. Here are a few mantels from past years


There are so many ways to decorate a mantel and there are no rules or standards. When decorating for the holidays, the skies the limit. Select what makes you and your family happy and go for it. It’s the season of wonder and celebration so your decor should reflect it the best way you know how.






There are hundreds of options when it comes to greenery for your mantel. You can use anything from garland to picks. I really wanted our home to be filled with a “fresh cut”  greenery look. I never use real greenery because I decorate so early I cant keep the real stuff from drying out and making a mess. To get this lush look, I used to 6′ cedars garlands and 2 6′ norfolk pine garlands. I attached a few nails into the top of the mantel and anchored the garland onto the nails.

I love an asymmetrical look on mantels so I directed the flow of the garland in a drooping swag affect.

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Once I have the garland secured, I like to add decorative items depending on the theme for the year. This year in keeping with the natural, rich vibe I used 3 poinsettias, berries and some bells to bring in more sparkle. I just created a small cluster or bouquet and anchored them into the secured garland. I bought all the poinsettias and berries at




I love to combine color and texture when hanging the stockings. This year I created a cozy look with a cream cable knit, a butternut plaid and a black fur. I love the contrast and coordination of color with the flowers.


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Mirror Swag

I created a swag by wiring several cedar and norfolk pine stems together. Then added a few flowers and hung a bell to tie it all in together. I attached the swag to a small nail that is attached to the trim above the fireplace. I love how it ties everything together and gives a more cohesive look.




Of course the final touch is the addition of twinkle lights and candles. I like to use battery operated fairly lights on timers. I can set the timers and enjoy the moment they come on and light up the house with a pretty glow. The battery operated tapers also give a pretty and cozy glow to the whole look.


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I hope this inspired you to create a special display in your own home. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter for updates on all the latest news and information.


Happy Decorating

November 22, 2022

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    Simply beautiful,love the muted tones.

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