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Decorating a Christmas tree can be very intimidating. If the task of styling a tree stresses you out, I’m here to help. I have several tips and tricks that will make the task so much easier for you. Decorators Warehouse invited me to join their “Home for the holidays Christmas Tree Challenge” again this year and I couldn’t wait to create this tree. The goal was to create a themed tree using all the items from Decorators Warehouse…Be sure to check out all my friends who have also joined in the challenge. They are all so stunning!



If’ you’ve never been to Decorators Warehouse, let me just say it’s a Christmas decorators dream. They have so many gorgeous theme options and selections it’s hard to even choose.  Last year my tree was a beautiful Woodland theme with creamy white and neutral tones. You can read about the details here Beautiful Woodlands Christmas Tree It’s filled with gorgeous neutral color combinations, a little sparkle, a little rustic and a touch of chic elegance. 


For this years look, I wanted to add some rich elegance but keep it chic and unique. I absolutely love how it turned out!


Here are my tips for getting a designer look Christmas tree:


Theme/Color Scheme



It’s always helpful to start with a little planning and vision. There are so many options when planning the look you love. At Decorator’s Warehouse, they have the whole store organized by theme and color. You can even shop bundles of items for the theme you want. I recommend starting with at least 3-4 colors that you love and go well together. My colors are black, butternut, rust and brown tones. Overall I wanted a look in our home of lush natural looking greenery and rich classic color.






Last year our toppers was very grand and I added extra lights to it. This year I wanted it to be a little less flashy and just used a collection of stems, berries and a small grouping of flowers.





Selecting ribbon is a great way to incorporate the color and give the tree some pattern and texture. I love this dark green and black tartan ribbon. I always recommend using wired ribbon so you can shape it and make it look fuller. I like to start with a large loop and tail, attach it by securing with a tree branch, then leaving a long tail at the opposite end to tuck in. Work in a zig zag pattern to save on ribbon and keep it less expensive. I also like to create some large loop bows and use to fill in any bare spots. You can shop the beautiful ribbon here


Floral Clusters







One of the best ways to give a full, designer look to your tree is with floral clusters. Essentially, you are making little bouquets. I recommend using a greenery stem, a berry stem and 2-3 large flowers. These beautiful poinsettias are amazing in a tree. I love all the patterns and textures. Depending on the size of the tree I suggest 5-9 clusters based on how tall your tree is. Our tree is 9′ and I had about 12 clusters. To shop beautiful flowers and picks click here






Then to fill in holes and add more variety to the look, you can add individual stems like berries, flowers and greenery stems. I love using full stems of berries. I just like how much character and texture they add to a tree. To shop sprays and fillers tap here







Once you have your clusters, ribbon and fillers on it’s time to add the ornaments. I like to use the really large shatterproof balls to tuck deep inside where some of the holes are. They fill in gaps and add just a pop of color. Then I like to use a variety of shapes and textures. This year I’m incorporating more metals and textured chic styles. I also added some large vintage looking bells. Shop the beautiful ornament selections here


I have a special offer for you too!! Decorator’s Warehouse is giving my followers a 10% discount with code HIPANDHUMBLESTYLE use this link to shop


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November 15, 2022

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