How To Create A Beautiful Fall Fireplace Mantel Arrangement


Fall is almost here and I’m so excited to be sharing my mantel for this year. I decided to go all out and incorporate some of the same ideas I do for my Christmas mantel for fall. I love how It turned out! I shared recently how I created this wonderful swag . It gave me the direction for the rest of the mantel. Be sure to check that out first. 


Besides just showing you the design, let me share with you some of the elements I like to incorporate when designing a mantel scape.


Floral Elements

I love to use some type of seasonal foliage on my mantels. It’s a sure way to change out with the seasons and bring the current outside mood indoors. Bringing in floral or greenery not only adds color, but texture and interest to the look. In this instance I wanted to use these pretty Fall branches with broad leaves in warm colors. Then, I mixed in a variety of pods and leafy stems to utilize more color and texture.





Items of interest

The mantel is a great place to spotlight some unique or related to the season. In this case I’m using a variety of pumpkins in various colors and shapes. Creating visual interest by adding something unexpected or unique brings the eye around the arrangement and makes it more appealing to look at.




Next, I usually add some type of lighting whether it be twinkle fairy lights or candles. I think this really sets a mood, adds ambiance and warmth to the room. These pretty candlesticks are usually a staple on my mantle and they get changed out seasonally in how I place them.



Larger Scale/Fewer Items


For a mantel I prefer to have larger scale items and fewer of them. That way it doesn’t look cluttered and the items can stand out on their own more. I also like to vary heights. That may be one of the most important things when arranging everything. I also tend to do more asymmetrical displays on my mantel. But adding symmetry can give a more simplistic and balanced viewpoint.



Bottom line, it’s your home, so have fun with it. I like to use our fireplace as a statement piece and set the tone for the rest of our decor here. It just creates the whole vibe in the room. However, we have a large open living space and that makes all the difference. We also have a mantel in our bedroom and I like to coordinate that with how I have our room decorated as well.



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September 15, 2022


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