How To Create A Cozy Rustic Mantel

The after Christmas decor blues, everything looks plain and blah. You are in a decor funk and not sure what to do… Switch your thought process and look at it as a blank slate to create something fabulous. I love to go all out on my mantels for Christmas, but when it’s over sometimes I’m at a loss. Since it’s still winter, I decided to create a cozy rustic winter mantel.


Keeping things cozy and simple is my favorite way to transition from Christmas to winter. Some years I’ve kept out the greenery and just removed the Christmas looking items. However, this year I wanted to create a rustic look and stay with my more simple feel this year.

Let me share with you 4 items I used to refresh this space and create the cozy vibes I’m wanting. I started with the base decor with the mirror and sconces I use year round


Item #1 Greenery

I wanted to add some natural elements and a bit of green and this sweet olive branch wreath was perfect. I love the simple gold hoop and the leather strap detail. It’s the perfect anchor to pull everything together and I love how it reflects off the mirror.



Item #2 Wood Lantern

When putting vignettes together, it is important to mix up textures using wood, metal, plants and lighting. This lantern is the perfect touch for creating a rustic look to the mantel. The crisp sharp lines and contrasting metal creates a visual interest next to the square mirror.



Item #3 Chunky wood candlesticks


The unique shape of these candle sticks is perfect to soften the sharp square lines and add another element of texture. The rough, natural finish adds to the rustic nature of the arrangement.



Item #4 Candles

Of course the best way to create the real cozy vibes is the ambiance of candlelight. These birchwood battery operated candles are the perfect addition to finish off the look. I love the soft flicker of the light and its super cozy when theres’ a fire.Wow do I sleep well when that fire is going and I’m snuggled up… Love having a fireplace in the bedroom it’s so dreamy!



Of course a cozy chair, fluffy blanket and pillows are the best way to really enjoy this spot. I love to cuddle up here and read and relax.



Are you ready to cozy up your spaces? Just 4 simple items are all you need to create this rustic look and simple, fresh feel. Remember to take time for you and find spaces in your home where you can relax and find a peaceful place to unwind. A small corner of a room can be easily made into a special place to chill.

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Ok friends, time to get cozy and take some time for you. Have I convinced you yet? You can read more posts about cozy spaces here How To Add Cozy Winter Touches To Your Home.I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay in the know.


Happy Decorating





January 12, 2021

  1. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I love your home! Your mantel decorations are so well placed and I’m happy to see you using a mirror. I need to change my corbels and have a solid wooden beam mantel; love your corbels ! Please share where you found them. I’ll be following you and looking forward to more great design tips.

    • says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, I really appreciate that…
      I actually found them at a vintage flea Market in Canton Texas after a very long search.

      xoxo Deborah

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