How to Create A Beautiful Fall Swag Arrangement


I love to create seasonal mantels and this years Fall mantel may be one of my favorites. Before I reveal the whole mantel, I want to share how to create this beautiful Fall swag. Come check out how I made it and then stay tuned for the full reveal soon…


This year I decided to make a big wow statement mantel. I borrowed some ideas from how I style my Christmas mantel and love the result. For more mantel inspiration you can check out these posts How To Create A Beautiful And Simple Fall Mantel ScapeHow To Design And Style Beautiful, Simple Fall ArrangementsHow To Decorate And Transform Your Home Into Fall



  • 2 Large full leaf stems or branches (all items are linked at the end of the post)
  • 1 bunch of seeded eucalyptus
  • 2 stems of pods or hops 
  • 2 small pumpkin picks
  • florists wire



First Step

You will need to create a base with the large stems. Fluff the stems separating the leaves and creating a 3 dimensional look. Then, bend them to the shape that will fit the area where you are hanging it. Next, slide them together with the ends overlapping and secure with the wire.




Second Step

Trim off the eucalyptus and pod stems to create individual picks. Then tuck the stems in to fill gaps where you need color. You can make this as full or sparse as you want. Since the leaves of this base are so large, I decided to only use a few of each to just give a pop of color and texture. You can use wire to secure the stems to the branches.



Third Step

Tuck in the pumpkins and arrange as desired then anchor with wire or hot glue.



Fourth Step

Hang your beautiful new swag with wire. I attached this one to a small nail that is in the trim above the mantel. You may need to adjust or arrange leaves differently once you hang it to create the look/feel you want.



It’s surprisingly quite easy to make and creates such a wow factor over a mirror or doorway.



Be sure to check back to see the entire mantel reveal and how I tied in the whole look together. I love the cozy, warm textures of the season and using Fall foliage throughout our home. You can check out more posts for inspiration to decorate your entire home. Also, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you stay undated on all the latest post and information. I have lots of seasonal decor ahead.




Happy Decorating

September 13, 2022

  1. Super cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!

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