Easy And Pretty Early Fall Mantel Ideas

Not ready for pumpkins yet? Me either its still freak 90+ degrees outside! However, I’m ready for a new look in the house and ready to make a slow transition. I’m sharing 2 simple fall mantel ideas to help you start the change without fully committing to pumpkins and all things orange. Here are some of my tips and 2 simple looks to get you started.


I have so much Fall inspiration here from past posts so feel free to look around. You can find some ideas hereFive Easy And Beautiful Fall Mantel IdeasEarly Fall Trend IdeasHow To Create A Beautiful Fall Harvest Table Scape



Idea #1



This is what I created for this year. I love all the textures and neutral vibes.

Tip 1

Select muted, monochromatic warm colors. Save the bright orange and pumpkins for later. The soothing colors are a great transition from summer to fall without screaming out Fall .



Tip 2

Gather gourds, berries, pods or pinecones, natural elements in place of pumpkins to start. Then when you’re ready you can bring out those pumpkins and add them into your neutral vignettes.



Tip 3

Use neutral wheat and pampas grass for a wreath then later you can pop in more color with leaves and fall pics.





I always use my signature pop of black in most decor vignettes. I like the classic sophistication it adds to a design. 



Idea #2

Here’s another simple idea using wheat tones and pops of black.



Tip 4

Use wood elements like cutting boards and dough bowls. You can use them as backdrops or base for an arrangement. I love how the warm wood adds to the look.


Tip 5

Keep arrangements to a simple neutral color pallet of just a few tones. Here I used pods, berries and wheat to create the perfect combo for the mantel display.





Overall you really only need to change a few basic spaces to get an early Fall vibe. Once you are ready for Autumn in bloom in your home, you’ll just need to bring out the pumpkins and more color ( if that’s your thing)

I hope this inspired you and got your creative juices flowing. I know I can’t wait to go all things Fall from decor to food, it’s a great time of year for that cozy attitude.


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Happy Decorating










August 24, 2021

  1. Barbara says:

    I love #1. I am headed to Hobby Lobby this morning to get some neutral florals. May I ask where you purchase your gourds. They are beautiful!

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