Six Unique And Simple Ways To Style Pumpkins For Fall

When you think of Fall, what is the first thing that you think of? Several things come to mind for me but the first is the quintessential pumpkin. The iconic representitive of Fall. There are so many great ways to incorporate them into your home decor. Today I’m sharing 6 unique ways to style pumpkins that are super easy.

Look #1

Succulent Arrangement 



I love the unexpected style of this look and it’s super easy. You can use a faux pumpkin and succulents, however you could also use the real thing. This is perfect for a centerpiece or table top idea in an entryway. For details on how to create this you can read about it here How To Create A Simple Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece



Look #2

Dough Bowl Arrangement



Wooden dough bowls are such a great way to create the perfect arrangement for pumpkins. Nestle a big pumpkin inside at an angle and added lots of fun Fall foliage. You can read more about how to create and style dough bowls here Four Ways To Style A Dough Bowl For Fall



Look #3

Wreath Nest



Talk about simple…. this is only 3 items, a stand, a small wreath and a pumpkin. Use any type of stand you may have or even a cake plate would work. Find a wreath that a pumpkin ( any size you have) with nestle into and that’s it… super easy!



Look #4

Pumpkin Candlesticks



This idea could not be easier and so fun for an entryway table or a simple mantel look. Just collect various heights of candlesticks and a few different sizes of pumpkins. Line them up varying the heights and style and add your pumpkins on top. These little pumpkins are so easy to find, even the grocery stores sell them. It’s also a very inexpensive and unique look.

You can even make your own candlesticks and learn how in this post How To Make Simple Wood Candlesticks And Stands



Look #5

Elegant Cloche Stack



To achieve this look you’ll need a cake plate or stand, a glass cloche, some faux( or real) Fall leaves and of course a variety of mini pumpkins. Vary the sizes and shapes to keep it simple. Tip the cloche upside down and arrange the pumpkins starting the the smaller ones in first(that will be the top) and ending with the larger. Put the cake plate on top and tip the whole thing over. Then just tuck in a few branches of pretty leaves.



Look #6

Pretty Pumpkin Stack



I saved the best for last because it’s my all time favorite way to style pumpkins! These are real pumpkins that I selected from the pumpkin patch to work together. To get this look, vary the size and colors which gives it more character. Then to finish it off, I just used some strands of faux greenery and tucked them in between the pumpkins once I stacked them. Isn’t that the cutest and how easy but fun.



There you go no more boring pumpkins sitting alone on a shelf! Have fun and think outside the box to change it up and get different looks. You can do most of the styling with items you already have just think of them in a whole new way.

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Happy Fall Y’all






October 10, 2020


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