How To Create A Beautiful Low Maintenance Summer Front Porch



How to create a beautiful front porch that is low maintenance ? Anything that requires less effort in the summertime sounds good to me, how about you. Summer is about low key, relaxing, enjoy long days and beautiful days relaxing. One thing that I don’t want to worry about is constantly doing work around the yard. I love to putz in the garden, but heavy work is not my thing. So lets talk about how to make a pretty porch less work…



There are always a few elements I add when decorating our porch. I want that first approach to our home to be cheerful and welcoming to any guest who arrive. With that said I also don’t want to hassle with constantly up-keeping it. Let me share the items I always add to the porch and then how to make them easy to maintain.


Plants and Greenery



This is the number one item I love to have on the porch but also the one that is the most work. First, the porch rarely gets the sun needed to keep most things alive and blooming. Second, since we spend the majority of out time on the back deck by the lake, I rarely remember to water in the front so nothing survives. 

This year I decided to try “permanent” flowers from Afloral. They are UV protected made for outdoor use and I’m here for it! I wanted to have lots of big blooming white geraniums but never can keep them alive. So I created these gorgeous pots with bunches of faux white geraniums and greenery bunches. I also added faux topiaries I found at Hobby Lobby. 


You can shop the link below and use code HHS15 for 15% off orders over $50. Cannot be combined with any other discount codes and not valid on the bergs planters.


Welcome Sign



I love to greet guests with a fun saying and this sign is from my friends at The Simply Inspired Design Co. I change them out seasonally. We just added hooks to the top and placed hooks in the stone to hang them on. We also made this fun address box and you can get the details to make one yourself here How To Make An Address Porch Planter


Welcome Mat



A fun door mat to greet guests is also a great way to add texture and ground the front door decor. There are so many fun ones out there and I love the layered look with a larger patterned rug underneath.


Door Decor




Added a pretty wreath or basket to the door is a great way to dress up the porch and decorate the door front. This sweet wreath is so delicate and the pretty honeysuckle flowers are just the perfect touch for summer.





I always add some type of lantern or candles on my porch. Battery operated remote candles are perfect for adding some twinkle lights to the area at night.


I absolutely love summer planters but after struggling to keep them alive on the front porch this solution was perfect for us. I love the fresh vibe these robust flowers give the entire space. I’m so excited to have this beautiful porch ready for summer and know that it will stay looking this beautiful all season long. For more porch inspiration check out these posts Pretty Spring Porch Refresh IdeasHow To Create A Welcoming Summer Porch







May 31, 2022

  1. Vivian Ann Cvetkovic says:

    Is it possible to by the welcome sign? or to be told where we can get it. Thank you and wishing you a lovelhy weekend ahead.

    • says:

      Yes the sign is from Simply Inspired Design Co and can be found on Etsy or Instagram.

  2. Katerin Owens says:

    Love all your creations, what is the color of your door Looove it

  3. Graham Spell says:

    every body want to decorate their porch. Most of them don’t know how to do it. You present it nicely and describe it simply.

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