Early Fall Trend Ideas

Fall Home Decor Favorites

Fall is on its way, although definitely not in the air yet. I’m starting my transition from summer to fall and will have a post soon on some tips for making the transition. Today I’m sharing a mood board with the direction I’m planning for Fall 2021. I like to get a feel for what vibe I’m going for to better plan what to use for the current year and maybe what trending items I may want.. Here’s a peek at my vision and a few fall home decor favorites.




I start by selecting a color scheme or thought process of the colors I want to utilize the most. Tat keeps me more in check with the items to purchase or to use what I already have (which is enough, lol) I don’t always repeat the exact same look and like to change up year to year the color collection. This year I’m introducing more rust and an olve green. I will pop in some mustard and creme as well. I love the rich rust look of this vase with the creamy texture of the faux stems.





One great way to change out decor seasonally is through textiles like pillow and blankets. I’m a big fan of pillow covers so that I don’t have to store a lot of bulky pillows, but can switch out the covers as my mood requests. For the fall this year I’m introducing the olive and found this perfect pattern from Twenty Third by Deanne. She has the most stunning fall pillow collection this year. I’m also popping in some rust earth tones in throw blankets like this one from target.



Rich greens, and creamy rust and mustard are my favorites for this year. I love the warm neutrals in our home and how the create such a cozy vibe throughout the house. Pair your greenery with a beautiful artisan pot or terra cotta vase. It’s a perfect, on trend combo. I’m mixing up some pods in mustard and rusty tones and adding in wheat and cream colored leaves and sprays.


Fall Home Decor Favorites


I also love to use large simple branches in a black vase for a pop statement on a table.





Fall Home Decor Favorites



Decorative Accents

Items like sculptures, chains, bowls and beads are trending big for Fall. I love adding warm wood accents like dough bowls in my decor. Chunky beads are another way to add some warmth and texture to a pretty vignette. Find a balance by adding them to bowls and trays adding height with vases and sculptures. Baskets are another great way to get some texture and they are great as fillers on a shelf or in a table arrangement.



Fall Home Decor Favorites


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Are you ready for Fall yet? Well, if not it’s ok I just wanted to give you some inspiration. Stay tuned for more ideas and Fall fun to come. Be sure you’re subscribed to receive me weekly newsletter to stay updated on the latest posts and all that’s going on here.


Happy Decorating








August 12, 2021

  1. Monica Cox says:

    I love all your decor ideas 🙂

  2. Colleen Nicklos says:

    LOVE this post, Deborah! You gave me so many great ideas and inspiration to put my own spin on my fall decor!! Thank you!!

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Colleen,

      Thanks I’m so glad you enjoyed and are inpspired. Thanks for the kind feedback too!
      xoxo Deborah

  3. Bobbie c Downing says:

    I love your inspirations and look. I would love to find some wood corbels like the one on the fireplace. Can you lead me in the right direction?

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:


      Thanks for the kind feedback. I found them at a vintage flea market in Canton Texas. Maybe check antique stores or on Etsy?

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