Five Easy And Beautiful Fall Mantel Ideas

The first place I always start when I’m decorating for the seasons is my mantel. I like to create my vision there at the spotlight, then work the rest of the decor in my home around that. I think mantels are the best place to tell a story and show off the best of your decor. So, here are 5 best Fall mantel ideas to get you started.



#1 Transition Into Fall



I’m calling this mantel transitional because it has the beginnings of fall vibes but not fully committed to vibrant leaves and pumpkins. I stayed with neutral warm tones using pods, wheat stems and pampas grass. Then I added pops of black and warm woods to give it a crisp, fresh look.


#2 French Flare Bistro 



I created this design with a Paris cafe in mind. A wooden cutting board backdrop and wheat pared with vintage green glass holding fluffy neutral tones of pampas grass. What I love about this one is the unexpected greenery draping in the center with a variety of white pumpkins nestled in nestled in. The black candlesticks give a cafe touch and balance out the black mirror. To create more coziness, I added a big basket and cozy pillow to add more warmth.



#3 Copper Shine



I love how rich copper looks with pops of white a eucalyptus. I just used old pumpkins and painted them with copper craft paint. It was super easy and really transformed these old pumpkins to give them new life. To tone it down and make it feel less formal, I added some wheat bundles that also created height. Black chunky candle holders make great stands for pumpkins. You can read about how I made some stands for a mantel this year here How To Make Simple Wood Candlesticks And Stands


#4 Autumn Vibes



For this mantel I played off the warm woods and beautiful sign with tones of rust and amber. I kept the foliage very simple with just a wreath and coordinating stems of leaves.. I used white pumpkins to balance out the white in the sign and the sconce shades


#5 Elegant Neutrals



When I created this mantel, I wanted to spotlight the soft antique gold. Since I couldn’t find pumpkins in the color I wanted, I just spray painted some old gourds with a champagne gold paint. I kept it very monochromatic with neutral colored leaves and berries, mustard pod stems and bleached eucalyptus. The warm wood vases were the perfect way to display the soft foliage and finish of my neutral toned look.


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Well, I hope these gave you some ideas and inspiration for your own mantel design. The options for fall decor are so fun and there are tons of combinations and looks you can achieve.

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September 8, 2020

  1. Fantastic and beautiful ideas! But of course, I wouldn’t expect anything else from you! Loved every one. Pinned. 🙂

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