Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Update Flooring

Pretty floors can really make or break a room but they can also break the budget. When we moved into our lake home, there were so many updates needed and our budget was really limited. So I researched and planned the easiest, least expensive floor options that would work well for a temporary situation. In this post, I’m sharing all 3 of our bathrooms and the projects I tried, along with updates on them. Keep scrolling for ways to update the bathroom floor!



Bathroom Floor #1


This is my most recent flooring project and an update on how it’s worked out. Back when we first moved in 4 years ago, this was the first room I attempted to update. I wanted a fun and still functional look that was a little trendy and I love the bold cement patterned tiles. To achieve that look I decided to try a stencil design. I completed the original project before I even had a blog so I really did’t record the process that much.  













First I cleaned and prepped the floors. Then I painted them white right over the existing linoleum. Then I added the stencil pattern with Waverley chalk paint from Walmart. Once they were dry, here is where I made my biggest mistake. I added polyurethane instead of polyacrylic and it yellowed the floors over time. It was so disappointing. The other mistake I made was to only apply one coat.



You can see how how scratched up the floors got(mostly by our German Shepard)  So they had an awful wear and tear and really looked bad. Instead of replacing them I decided to do another great, inexpensive option and used peel and stick vinyl squares. I am so happy with the results. Recently we did a full makeover on this bathroom and you can read all about it here Simple Ways To Add Character To A Small, Boring Bathroom



You can see the difference in the yellowed floors here. Overall in this space the stencil project wasn’t great just because of the few things I mentioned above. However I’m so happy with the newest results of the entire space. The flooring was really easy to update and you can get further details in the post mentioned above as well.



Bathroom #2

After the first floor stencil project I learned a lot. First, the importance of the prep. I used a grease remover floor cleaner twice and made sure to keep debris clear.  Here’s what the bathroom looked like when we bought it.



We had the same linoleum floors in the brown  tones that we had in the first bathroom. I went through the same process and this time used the polyacrylic and did 2 coats. As of today it still looks great and I love that the cost was so low. We will eventually be replacing them with a tile when we redo the entire room, but for now they work just great. You can get the details here My Painted bathroom floor project












Bathroom #3


This was by far my favorite floor project. I’m super happy with how it turned out. It has a unique, whimsical vibe and was super easy. This is a very small bathroom so the whole makeover was super inexpensive. (under $100) You can read all the details here HOW I CREATED THIS PAINTED BUFFALO CHECK FLOOR & AN EASY BATHROOM UPDATE





This bathroom was very dated and dingy. The gold paint and dated floors really made it look blah. But with the magic of paint, it’s super fun and bright. I decided once again to go with paint as my option and this has not only held up well, but only cost me about $15!






The hardest part was just the masking and waiting for the paint layers to dry. Since I used a chalk paint, it dried very quickly and was really easy to work with. You can read about how I created it here HOW I CREATED THIS PAINTED BUFFALO CHECK FLOOR & AN EASY BATHROOM UPDATE






I made sure to give it 2 coats of sealer and it’s easy to clean up with soap and water. It’s still in great condition today after 3 years.




So you can see that creating a new look and updated an old outdated floor really can be inexpensive. Although not made for super long term, it’s a great way to give a little personality to a space until a big change fits in the budget or you decide exactly what you want.  I love projects that make a big impact with little cost and paint is usually the best option for almost anything.


Happy Decorating











August 17, 2021

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love your DIY money-saving ideas. I have a laundry room with brick “linoleum”(?). I’m wondering if I could paint it white, but more of an old look, not fully cover ring the color? Any suggestions/thoughts?
    Thank you!

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      We did an old world look with brick paneling in our office. I have a post on the office makeover and you can see how we created that look if that’s what you are thinking about trying.

      Deborah xoxo

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