How To Create A Simple Winter Wreath

Is your Christmas all packed away? I know once mine is packed up my house feels so empty. All the deocrated spaces feel boring and it can be hard to replace all the pretty items. I decided to put this wreath together and it was so simple. Let me share how to create this DIY winter wreath.

One unique thing about this wreath is the large oval shape versus the regular round wreath. I love the elongated look and how the grapevine flows at the bottom to lengthen the look.


Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Large oval grapevine wreath (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • 3 different greenery pine picks. Usually the stores have them on sale after Christmas or use some you already have.
  • Pine cones of various sizes.
  • Grapevine strands ( they are usually where you find the wreaths)
  • Ribbon of your choice-1 1/2 yards
  • Florists wire








Step 1

Add one stem on the left side towards the bottom. It’s pretty easy to just tuck the stem directly into the grapevine. 





Step 2

Add the other 2 strands on the opposite side. Make sure to intertwine the stem branches so the look intermingled and not flat on top of each other.





Step 3

Make a loop with your extra grapevine and twist wire around the center. Be sure to leave extra wire on the ends to connect it to the wreath.


DIY Winter Wreath




Step 4

Make another small loop and attach a few pinecones to it with your wire. Once again leave excess to attach it to the wreath.


DIY Winter Wreath


Let the ends of the grapevine scatter and hang in different directions at the bottom of the wreath.


DIY Winter Wreath


Step 5

Tie your ribbon around the wreath in a big bow. I prefer wired ribbon for this because you can get the shape you want adjusting the ribbon how you want it. I love the bold, neutral black and white stripe but you could use any pattern you like. A snowflake print would be fun or a pink to carry it into Valentine day.


DIY Winter Wreath




Thats all there is to it. I hung mine on some jute twin so it would fill in the oval window in the center.


DIY Winter Wreath


I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY wreath. The best thing about it is that you can probably use left over Christmas stems or greenery and not have to buy many supplies







January 14, 2021

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