How To Create A Beautiful And Dramatic Christmas Tree




Tis the season and yay I’m here for it. This year I wanted a bit of drama even though it’s a smaller tree than from years ast. In our current home the ceilings aren’t as high so our 9 foot tree was a no go. I got a more heavily flocked tree and wanted to pop in some contrast. So I went with a bit of drama with the color and here is the result. To see past trees you can check out these posts Tips On How To Decorate A Beautiful Christmas treeBeautiful Woodlands Christmas Tree


There are several elements I always add to our Christmas tree. These items help me to plan and fill up the tree with lots of texture and visual interest. This years color scheme is black, brown, butternut, gold and white.

Floral Clusters



First, I start by creating floral clusters or little bouquets. To create a cluster, add a greenery stem, a berry stem and a few flowers based on the color scheme I’ve selected for that year. I group them all together then wrap one of the stems around the grouping to hold it all together.



Next, I slide the clusters up into the tree. I always get an odd amount and zig zag them through the tree. For a 7.5 foot tree I do about 7 clusters.




Fillers like stems and berries make great fillers to take up bare spaces.




I also vary the sizes and style of the ornaments. Extra large ornaments are great for placing back in the tree to fill up a blank space and then I scatter the other ornaments varying sizes and textures.




This year I kept the ribbon super simple by draping thin velvet ribbons like tinsel on the edge of the branches. I love the casual vibe it gives the otherwise dramatic decor.







I love how it turned out the the vibe it creates in the room. I also coordinated the mantel alongside the tree and you can get the details on it here How To Create A Beautiful Christmas Mantel

Hope this inspired you and helped with some simple tips to create your own beautiful tree. All of my decorations are from


Happy Decorating



November 28, 2023


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