How To Create A Beautiful And Festive Christmas Arrangement



One of the easiest ways to add simple and festive decor to your home for the holidays is with a centerpiece arrangement. There are so many different ways to put them togehter and they don’t have to be complicated at all. Here are a few ideas anyone can create.

Bowl Of Ornaments

One of the easiest arrangements only take a few ingredients. First you need a large bowl like a dough bowl. Then I line it with a few greenery stems bending them to conform to the bowl. Next, I layer in some ornaments varying the sizes and colors. Start with your largest ornaments in the bottom then end with the smallest.




Candles and Ornaments

This one is similar to the first, however it can be done with a shallow tray as well. An elongated vessel is best for this one. Add your candelabra first, then layer in your greenery stems varying the types . Finally add your ornaments and bells or other trinkets you love.




Classic Christmas

This is a more tradional look. I started with a base like a cake stand. Then I attached a round florist foam. Next I added some battery operated pillar candles. One those were on I wrapped the base with a small piece of garland and filled in the top with some pine stems/picks. Finally, I glued on some vintage ornaments to fill in any gaps and add some sparkle. It’s super easy and such a pretty statment display.




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November 30, 2023


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