How To Design A Beautiful Fall Mantel


A new season and a new home makes creating new spaces exciting. As much as I miss our big, chinky mantel in our old home, I was looking forward to haveng a new space to decorate. I have plans to change the look of this fireplace but for now, this will have to do. For more fall mantel indeas you can check out these posts How To Create A Beautiful And Simple Fall Mantel ScapeSimple And Elegant Fall Mantel DisplayFive Easy And Beautiful Fall Mantel Ideas


For this look I just wanted to have a simple color scheme and take advantage of the height (something I never had at our old home)


I kept this a very warm color scheme then used pops of black to add to the drama of the completed look




I love creating asymmetrical displays the most. First, I added 5  two-color variety branches to the vase making sure to bend and shape the branches to have a more organic, natural look. Then I add a few more branches on the opposite side to flow of the edge and tie in the other side. I then tucked in  3 pumpkins of varying sizes into the leaf stems.





Finally, I completed the look by adding some candlesticks and battery operated candles. This gives a warm glow and vibe to the finished look.









I love how simple, yet dramatic the height of the beautiful fall leaves gives the room. It feels so natural, yet elegant and that was exactly the look I was going for.

I hope this gave you some inspiration and ideas for your own home decor and design. Thanks for following along.




Happy Decorating

September 19, 2023


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