How To Add Beautiful Fall Accents To A Coffee Bar


Fall has finally arrived and I’m so happy. When I created this coffee bar to create some extra storage space, I knew I’d have fun decorating the space for all the seasons. I couldn’t wait to get my decor out to dress up this area. You can read about how we created it here How To Create And Decorate A Beautiful Coffee Bar and here Easy Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

When creating spaces I stick to a few simple tips to help me stay focused and give me a direction. Here are the elements I go by when styling an area:


Color Scheme

I try to stick with a color palette and that helps me to keep everything looking cohesive. It also helps when selecting the items to use once you know the colors you want. Stick with no more than 3 main colors to keep it from looking too busy. For this look, I used warm, golden tones with black and white.




Vary Heights and Textures

Be sure to select items of varying heights and sizes so everything isn’t the same size. Balance out large pieces with smaller ones and vary the heights by using risers and cake plates to elevate shorter items that may need more height to them. For this look, I wanted to combine functional every day use items with decorative pieces. I also make sure to mix woods, metals and ceramics to give lots of texture. Wood cutting boards are great to add warmth and fill in empty back spaces.



Add Artwork and Items from Nature

Bringing in artwork helps to tie in color and add more visual interest to the look. Wreaths are great to use as background filler and stems help with height and color balance.





I love how it turned out and the warm cozy vibe it gives our kitchen breakfast room. For more Fall inspiration, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you won’t miss out on any new posts. You can find sources for many items in this post linked below.





Happy Decorating

September 26, 2023


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