How To Create And Decorate A Beautiful Coffee Bar


Let’s make a beverage bar….So confession for you, I don’t really like or drink coffee. However, coffee bars are all the rage and so fun to style, and the hubby loves coffee so why not? In our new (rental) home, theres a great breakfast room that has become my favorite space in the house. I couldn’t wait to create this area and you have to check out how easy it was below…



Ok let’s look at the before and what space I had to work with. After perusing Pinterest for ideas and inspiration I definitely had a vision in mind going forward. I also had to create something that was removable since we are in a rental home for a year. So, here is the space before…..



Step 1

Create a vision in your head, find a picture or sketch an ideas before you get started so you have an ideas of what you want the space to look like. It’s also a good idea to plan out how you need to use the space. After-all it needs to be functional as well, right?



Step 2

Find the best supplies and sources to make your idea work. We opted to get 2 unfinished cabinets from Lowe’s to set side-by-side in the space. However, you can also use thrifted or used pieces of furniture like old dressers or buffets. You can also find a large selection of similar cabinets from Ikea, however you have to put those together. I wanted something that would work with the rest of the kitchen so it would look as if it was always there. 



Once we placed the cabinets in, we added this gorgeous butcher block as the counter top. I love the warmth it added to the look. Its’ not only very pretty, but functional as well. I used a special butcher block sealer to darken up the wood and to protect it..




Step 3

Finally we added shelves for an “open-concept” vibe. However you could add more cabinets or detailed shelving. I wanted it to be very clean-lined and some space to not only store items, but style pretty items as well.



Once everything was complete I had so much fun styling everything. Not only is it super functional for entertaining and storage, but it’s really pretty and compliments the room so well.



I mixed a lot of new and old items to create a modern French vintage vibe and love how it turned out.





I hope this inspired you to create your own coffee bar. For more kitchen styling inspiration, check out these posts How To Create A Beautiful Kitchen StyleEasy Tips For An Organized Kitchen

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Happy Decorating



June 29, 2023


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