Easy Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

Do you have any spaces that are a challenge to design? I get so many questions about how to design a coffee table. What to put on it, how to make it look good and not cluttered etc. There are a few basic elements I always use when decorating a coffee table or entryway table. They serve two different purposes so thinking about the function and the purpose of the items in the room is a good place to start. Lets’ talk about how to style a coffee table today.



When setting up a coffee table, you want to be sure that it works well for your room and functions for the space. The purpose is to create a design that’s both flattering, the correct scale but functions in the room too. You want to. make sure items aren’t too tall so you can see over to have a conversation and see your television if it’s a family room. You also want to have plenty of space to place items like cups or small plates if entertaining. 

Start with an empty space to get a feel for the amount of room you have to work with. Then you can better determine what will fit and the shape of the entire collection on the table. 




I like to start with a tray or basket for a few reasons. One is that you can better contain the items on the table and create a collection without it looking too cluttered. Two, if you need to clear the space for some reason, all you have to do is pick up the tray to remove the items. For example if it’s a family room and you want to play a game on the table you can lift the tray and clear the space. I like this rectangular shallow wood tray for creating arrangements. However, baskets are perfect for tables as well.




Creating height helps with visual interest but it can be tricky with coffee tables. You want o make sure it’s not too high to impede on the view of your tv or conversations with other people. I started with this pretty ceramic vase and it looks great by itself. Yet, it’s still a good height that I can add some greenery to it if I wanted to.




I love to add some type of color to my arrangements with beautiful greenery or flowers. Adding a little touch of nature gives a cozy vibe and the perfect amount of texture to a vignette. You just have to be careful that the height of the stems isn’t too overpowering for the table or the room itself. I like to get greenery that is wired so I can’t redirect the branches into a shape that works for the entire grouping.




Pro tip on how to style a coffee table: I love to use books for height and visual interest. It is also nice for people to have an interesting topic to view or read about. Home decor books are great because of the visual interest and inspiration they provide. Get various sizes but try to keep the covers more cohesive or it can look cluttered and too busy with a mix of too many colors and designs.




I love to add candles for visual interest and ambience. Having a pretty candle lit gives a room cozy vibes and smells good too. I like to keep a wick trimmer and little containers of matches nearby to add additional accents and makes it convenient.



Decorative accents 

The final item I like to incorporate into a coffee table arrangement is a decorative piece like a sculpture, piece of art, beads, bowls etc. This cute hand-painted paper mache bowl has so much character and the big chunky wood garland gives more visual interest and character to the entire space. I love how they finish off the look and are a bit more unexpected.



So, those are my usual go to items when designing a coffee table vignette. Just have fun with it and use the opportunity to spotlight some special piece or items you love. There are so may options and ideas out there, just make it what works best for your family. My number one tip is the tray concept. For some reason it just makes pulling a collection of items together much easier.





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July 8, 2021

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  4. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of coffee tables. I have six in my house, but only one is in use for its intended purpose. The other five are cluttered with trinkets, full of art supplies, or even hiding under piles of clothes. But the one that gets all the attention is my favorite one, and it’s because I styled it well.

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