Beautiful and Simple Home Decor Projects From 2022



Happy 2023!!! Wow a new year already? Still trying to figure out how it went so fast. One of my favorite things to do before I start making new goals and reflecting on how I want this year to look, is to look back. Especially on things we’ve accomplished in our home. It brings into perspective how hard we worked and how far we have come. I want to share some of my favorite projects with you. Some were quick weekend projects and a few were definitely much longer and more challenging. Come check out which ones were which….



Bed frame Update

This was one of our first and quickest projects. I really love how this upholstered bed frame updated the look of our bed. It was super easy and inexpensive to create. You can read about the details here How To Create An Upholstered Bed Frame







Updated Bathroom


Ok, so this one was a bit more involved. We had a very low budget so my goal was to make the biggest impact I could without spending a ton of money. So most of this is all cosmetic changes. I’m always saying what a difference paint can make. I just wanted to really get a more modern clean lined look in our primary bathroom. You won’t believe how easy it actually was to create this look. Check out the post here to see the before and all the details How To Update A Bathroom On A Budget I’m so happy with the results. 




The shower was so crazy good and I’m happy to report its still holding up just great. Here is the before and how we updated it here How To Update An Old Shower On A Budget



Corner Shelves


This was another quick weekend project. This weird corner space really bothered me and with a small kitchen I needed some functional and decorative shelving. I love how this project turned out and how truly easy it was to complete. You can ready about it here and see the before as well How To Create Corner Shelves In A Small Corner Space





This project was a doozy and after that, we were out of energy for more projects-lol! We basically finished out a grungy messy garage to get the garage look of our dreams. You have to go see the before and all the work we put into acheiving this look. I still smile every time I walk out the door into the space. It’s really so nice and was worth the work (at the time that was. my mantra “it will be worth it”!)






Barn Door 

This was a quick project and a spur of the moment idea. I had a vision and really wanted a more updated look here. So I showed Mr H&H my vision and he made it come true. I love how it turned out! You can read up on the details coming soon. However I do have a few posts on other doors we have built here How To Build A Simple And Beautiful Barn Door, and here How to change a builder grade door into a barn door




Corner Unit

Our final project for the year was updating our corner unit. Like the barn door, it was a bit more farmhouse ish than I wanted in the space so we changed out the door fronts and added a fluted trim then painted it Tricorn Black to make it pop and give a more rich, sophisticated look. Wow did it change the look in this room and we love it now. You can read how we built it here Creating A Corner TV Cabinet



Whew, I guess we were busier this year than I realized. It’s so nice to reflect on that and see how far we’ve come. I can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2023. I have a stair railing idea in mind, beams for our primary bedroom, new flooring upstairs and a huge kitchen remodel brewing in my head. So, stay tuned for all the fun!! Be sure you are subscribed to my weekly newsletter so you won’t miss out on all the projects!


Happy New Year

January 10, 2023


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