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Ok friends…keeping it real here ( I always do) but this DIY comes with a warning & disclaimer….it was pretty hard and definitely NOT a beginner project. So, here is the story… we had this really strange and boring corner in our great room that is the only place in the room where a TV can be placed. Our current TV unit was a ling rectangle and everyone knows a rectangle does not fit into a triangle. It looked awkward and was so difficult to style and keep it functional. I had the great idea “hey let’s build a corner unit built in. If you want to know the rest of the story keep reading…


First of all let me say we are not professional carpenters at all. So we dove into this project a little blind but very determined. 

Second, let’s look at some old “before photo’s” And sorry the photos aren’t the best quality but it gives you an idea…(and my style has changed a lot!)








Step #1 (and challenge #1)



This is not a perfect corner nor are the walls and floor perfectly level or straight. We had to determine what angle we wanted the TV to go on and the height we wanted it. Then we had to determine the width based on the base of the TV . There needed to be enough space not only for the TV but the feet of it as well since the wall angles back.


Step #2


We searched for the studs then cut 1″ x 2″ boards to serve as the support for the shelves and to determine the size the unit would be. We attached these boards into the studs for stability.



Step #3


Next the MDF boards that would serve as the shelves were cut to size using the support boards as guides. We used MDF boards to be sure they were strong and sturdy. We just measured the distance between the support boards end to end to determine our size and shape.





Step #4


Add the MDF shelves to the wood brackets on the wall and secure to the brackets.






Step #5

Drill holes in the lower MDF shelves for the cords to go through



Step #6

Cut the beadboard backing for the areas that would be open or exposed. Then add 1/4″ round to trim the bottom.



Step #7

Add the trim to the top half of the unit. We added crown molding to the top, then trim on the sides with a medallion for some character.




Step #8 (challenge #2)

Add boards to serve as the faux side doors. Originally we were going to use the MDF but because of the thickness and weight, we felt it was too heavy and would cause a lot more unnecessary gaps. So we used a thinner board instead. We also added a header across the top to hold the barn door hardware and avoid gaps in the base. We decided we only needed the center door to function so we could store and get access to the various console pieces, stereo, DVD player etc.



Step #9

The side faux doors were trimmed out to look like barn doors.



Step #10

Added the sliding hardware to the header and hung the center door after trimming it out to match the sides.


Step #11

Added the trim across the bottom



Step #12 (challenge #3)

Should we stain or paint. Originally I had planned to paint. Then as we looked at it we thought stain might be pretty and give a nice rustic look. However the problem was that MDF does not stain well and with the various woods, the stain color would not look consistent. So I went back to my original idea of paint and love how it turned out. (before painting we caulked the gaps and sanded)



In spite of the difficulty completing this project, it was so worth the work. I love the clean, fresh look it gives the room and is such a beautiful focal point instead of an eyesore. Can you believe what a difference one piece of furniture can make in a room?



I’m so happy with how this turned out. I changed up the furniture arrangement after Christmas and my hubby really wanted his leather chair back in the room. I love how it adds another type of texture and warmth to the room along with the new bamboo blinds….

So, let me know what you think and of course shoot me any questions you may have. Always love hearing from you. Don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss any posts.


Happy Decorating


January 28, 2020

  1. Mary

    January 28th, 2020 at 12:24 pm

    This was one of the informative and fun post I’ve seen in awhile. It made me feel like I was apart of your challenge. And, of course, the end result is beautiful. I just love 💗 your corner cabinet. Kudos to your and husband for you math skills.
    I look forward to your posts.


    January 29th, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Mary,

    That is so kind of you to say I really appreciate it. I’m so happy you liked the post. It was quite the project but happy with the results and glad it’s done!

    Thanks for following along,

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