How To Create An Upholstered Bed Frame

Hey friends! If you love a super easy and inexpensive project, this one is for you. I love a pretty upholstered bed, but not the price. Our headboard is so pretty an I felt like the rest of the bed looked blah. However, I also needed the under-bed storage and bed frames like that make it hard to have the storage ability. So we decided to create the look and still have it function the same. Here are the details on how to create a DIY upholstered bed frame!


This is a very easy project that can be completed in a few hours . If you have the boards cut at the lumber store, no heavy tools are needed either.


  • 3 MDF boards cut to the size of your bed ( plywood bowed too much so we went with the sturdier MDF)
  • Fabric to cover the boards- I used a package of painters drop cloths. They are inexpensive, durable and washable.
  • Quilters batting
  • Heavy duty staple gun/staples
  • L brackets
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors


Step 1

Measure your bed and cut 3 boards for each side. We left 1/2″ from floor to have a little leeway.




Step 2

Cut the fabric leaving enough room (about 3-4″) all around to give space for wrapping around the batting and board. Cut the batting as well. I used 3 layers of batting per board.



Step 3

Iron the fabric to be sure there are no creases and it’s smooth.




Step 4

Lay the fabric down, then the batting and then the board.



Step 5

Wrap the sides and staple the fabric to the board.








Step 6

Add the L brackets to the top of the board. This is the part that will slide between the mattress and box spring to hold it in place. We used these brackets but after having made it we would definitely recommend brackets a big longer. I also recommend you take the board to the floor so it stabilizes the board and makes it fit m0re snug.





The corners of the front board jut butt up to the side boards. Be sure your front board is longer so the seem shows on the side and not in the front.  This will make it more seamless and looks better from the front view.



We did not make the headboard, however the canvas drop cloths are a pretty close match. You may want to get a few swatches of fabric to match your current headboard if needed before you select the fabric you need. It just so happened that the drop cloths I had were the perfect match for our headboard.





Overall this was a super simple and very inexpensive project (under $100). Of course price will vary based on the wood you select, the fabric you decide on and the size of your bed. The canvas drop cloths are very durable and the color was so perfectly neutral it worked out great for us. However, you could really do this with whatever look and style you want for your room.

If you are looking for some bedroom styling tips, you can check out this post here Simple Tips To Update A Bedroom I will also be sharing some bedding and styling update for this room very soon. If you aren’t’ getting my weekly newsletters, be sure to sign up to stay updated on all the latest posts and info at Hip & Humble Style.


Happy Decorating








DIY upholstered bed frame

January 18, 2022

  1. David says:

    You make the process easy to follow. Any tips for keeping the costs low? I am considering doing a few of these for charity.

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