How To Create A Festive And Beautiful Christmas Entryway


Setting the mood for the entryway of your home is a great way to welcome guests and set the tone for the decor in the rest of your house. I love to incorporate the theme and colors to give a peek of what the rest of the rooms look like. This year I wanted a lush greenery look with warm brown tones, black and metallic accents. Here are a few tips for setting up an entryway and elements I like to use in our foyer.



First, let me just say we technically don’t even have a designated entryway because we have a very open floor-plan in our great room space. The furniture arrangement is set to create little spaces and designate areas in the large room. Setting up a console table and mirror on a large wall area is all you need to create a welcoming entryway.


I like to start with a console table or sofa table and then add a mirror and lighting. You can also add an area rug or small table depending on the available space you have.




To keep the space interesting (and from getting bored with the same decor year round) I like to decorate our console area seasonally. Of course Christmas is no exception. In fact, I love to go all out with this area. This is where I set the theme for the rest of the home and then work from there coordinating the tree and mantel. Since it’s such a large open space, it gives a more cohesive look. This year’s theme is about rich, lush greenery and chic warm colors and textures.







I like to keep the color scheme similar as well as the collection. I also prefer to use larger scale items but fewer. Too many small items can give a more cluttered look. In this space I opted for a bowl of gorgeous ornaments and a good deer head. The metallic colors add a little glimmer and another element of texture.







We have a small bar area in the space and I love to use it for creating seasonal vignettes. Trays are perfect for anchoring a few items together to tell a story. I started with tall wood candles for warmth and height, then added some pretty gold bells for shimmer. I placed an old wood nativity scene in the front and tucked in some greenery. I love the mix of texture and the story it tells.





Adding lighting is so important i decorating spaces, especially for the holidays. In this little space I have wall sconce and a lamp. However instead of placing candles here, I added some beautiful lighted branches into the arrangement. I love the glow and unique look they give the space. Yo can read more about creating the arrangement here How to Create A Beautiful And Simple Christmas Arrangement




Beautiful artwork is perfect for bare spaces. I don’t have a lot of wall space in our home so I like to change out the art seasonally in this small area. I love this beautiful black and white print of the moose and winter scene. Its the perfect piece to add a mood and to keep up through the winter months.



That’s all there is to this pretty space and I love how easy it was to arrange. You can see the mantel space nearby and how I coordinated it with the console table area How To Create A Beautiful And Festive Christmas Mantel I also have some past looks here How To Create A Beautiful Christmas Mantel With Faux GreeneryIdeas To Decorate A Christmas Mantel


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Happy Decorating

December 6, 2022

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