How To Make Beautiful Velvet Christmas Ornaments


One of this years on trend looks for Christmas decor is velvet accents. From ribbon to pillows to ornaments velvet everywhere. Velvet has a beautiful more formal texture and looks so upscale. I really wanted to add some of these elements to one of our trees but the ones I wanted sold out early in the season. Other options were quite expensive, so I decided to make some. I love how they turned out and you won’t believe how simple they are to make.



Supplies Needed:

  • Flocking Kit (colors of choice) 
  • Clear plastic or glass ornaments(they can already be a color but need to e the color of the flocking )
  • Paint brush
  • Container for adding overcoat
  • Styrofoam and skewer sticks



I ordered a few kits on Amazon because it was quick and easy I’m sure you could use any type of craft paint if you already have the colors you need. You can also find flocking on Etsy as well.



Prepping tips


I suggest getting a styrofoam base and some skewer sticks to poke in the base to hold the ornaments as they dry. This really worked well and kept the ornaments from touch anything as they dried. Once they are flocked if anything touches them, it will mark them up.




Step 1

I removed all the caps and spray painted them with a Rustoleum metallic paint in antique gold. You cn paint the caps any color you want. This gives the cheap caps a little more high end look. Then paint all the ornaments with your paint. I recommend  brush over a foam brush. It seems to apply the paint much smoother with a brush.. Let them dry then add a second coat. i found that adding 2 coats is key or you will be able to see through the ornament and see streaks after the flocking material is added.








Step 2

Once your first coat of paint is dry it’s time to apply the second coat and the flocking. It worked better for me to paint on the second coat of paint and then sprinkle on the powder. The kits came with a bottle but I found it difficult to place the powder in it. Honestly it worked better to just spoon it on and tap off the excess. 





You want to make sure the whole thing is thoroughly covered in paint and still fully wet when applying the powder. If you work in sections, you will mark up the ornament and it will be difficult to touch up once some of the flocking has been adhered.




Once everything is coated, allow it to fully dry before handling them. Then added your painted caps and ribbon if desired.





I just love how they turned out and I really want to make more. This may become a new tradition each year as I add to the collection.











This sparse little tree on our stair landing was where I hung all these beauties. However, now I want some on our other tree! I added these, some ribbon and some other DIY ornaments. For those I just placed one in a large baggie, add a small dollop of rub n’ buff and smeared it around, easy and so very pretty.



For more tree inspiration you can check out this post Tips On How To Decorate A Beautiful Christmas tree or this one Beautiful Woodlands Christmas Tree


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try them your self. It’s a great project and an even better price point. Be sure to check back each week for all the latest Christmas inspiration.


Happy Decorating

December 10, 2022


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