How To Make A Simple And Beautiful Fall Wreath


Greet your guests with a gorgeous Fall wreath. This one is not only beautiful, but super simple to make. I wanted a soft, neutral look. However, you can add as much color as you’d like. It only takes 3 items to complete this look. For more Fall decorating ideas, check out these posts How To Add Fall Decor To Create A Beautiful FoyerHow To Decorate And Transform Your Home Into FallFall Porch Decorating Ideas




  • Large grapevine wreath( I selected oval shape to go with our door window)
  • 3 large Fall leaf stems
  • faux pumpkins on a pick (2 med/1 small
  • Hot glue or wire if needed



Bend the stems to follow the shape of the wreath. Then, stick the end of the stem into the grapevine where you want to place it. Start with the top piece first. Be sure to cover up the first stems base. 



Next, add the second stem below the first one.



Finally, flip the last stem the other way and stick it in at the bottom so the leaves flow in a downward direction.




Add the pumpkins at the place where the last 2 stems join to create a little cluster. be sure to vary the direction of the pumpkin placemat so they are lined up in a row.








Hang your wreath and enjoy. You can use hot glue or small thin wire to secure areas that may be falling out of place or don’t feel sturdy. You could also add a ribbon at the base if you want.



I just love the effortless beauty of this wreath and the realistic vibe it gives our front porch. I’m finishing up the front porch decorating and will be sharing that reveal so stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay up on all the latest posts.


Happy Decorating

September 22, 2022


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