How To Create A Simply Beautiful Fall Table Centerpiece


Fall is finally in the air ( well kind of)’s more in my head and I had to share this centerpiece inspiration. It was so easy to put together. I just created some various layers of texture and color to create a simple look for any tablescape. It’s basic enough to keep up all season, yet is also so beautiful. Here are the elements you need to put it together.


Start with a Base


I grounded all the elements with a textured runner right down the center. Then, layered on a long wood tray with leather handles. It creates a more sturdy setting and gives contrast to the runner and arrangement on top.



Add a setting with Stems or garland


I then placed a large leaf garland on the tray to serve as an anchor for the pumpkin stack. Make sure to fluff and arrange the leaves to stand more upright when laying flat on the base. 



Add a statement piece

This pretty pumpkin stack is the perfect “thriller” for the spotlight of the table. I just used a large white pumpkin and then punched a hole in the medium sized pumpkin so it could sit on the large one and hold better. You could also use glue dots or 2 way tape to secure it.



Add filler using leaves or flowers


To fill in the gaps and add another dimension of texture, I tucked in leaf stems in-between and underneath the pumpkin stack. This is also a great way to add more color and interest to the arrangement.



Add candles for ambiance

I always like to add candlelight to my tables for. more warmth, glow and ambiance to the room. These pretty candlesticks work because of their height and slender detail. The birch battery operated lights look so pretty glowing at night.



Thats all there is to it and from here you can easily set a table to coordinate. However, it’s neutral enough to go with any decor or place setting.



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Happy Decorating


September 20, 2022

  1. Pam says:

    I love this tabletop. I’m
    Do you have a source for the black candlesticks?

    • says:

      Sorry I’ve had them many years . They were from pottery Barn but no linger available.

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