How To Make A Beautiful And Simple Pumpkin Stack Arrangement For Your Porch


This year I wanted to create something fun and unique for the front porch. I decided to keep it more neutral in contrast to the pops of black.I added a little whimsey with this easy to make pumpkin stack topiaries. For more front porch inspiration, check out these posts Fall Porch Decorating IdeasHow To Create A Pretty Fall Porch PlanterHow To Create A Beautiful Fall Harvest Front Porch


For these cute pumpkin topiaries I used faux pumpkins but you could easily use real pumpkins. With our heat and weather conditions, I have trouble keeping them fresh for a long time so this was the best solution for me.



  • Large vessel pot
  • grapevine wreath or garland
  • 3 pumpkins-large, medium, small
  • moss
  • double stick tape or glue sticks
  • fall leaf stems or foliage



Step 1

Place a grapevine wreath or garland at the base of the pot.



Step 2

Place largest pumpkin on first snuggly into the grapevine. Then add the next 2 pumpkins using tape or glue dots to adhere them together.



Step 3

Next, tuck in small pieces of moss to fill in any gaps. You can use hot glue or glue dots to adhere if you need to.




Step 4

Fill in the holes at the base of the stack with leaf stems and create an arrangement to give color and fullness to the bottom.



Thats all there is to this simple and fun Fall arrangement. I love the look of the white combination. However, you could mix up the color and make it 3 different colors to get the same affect. Do what you love the most and make it your own.



I still have to finish up a few details on the porch and will reveal the entire look soon.



I couldn’t wait to share these cute arrangements with you. The porch itself is still a bit plain and I will share all the final details once I add a few more touches to complete the look.



I hope this gave you some inspiration to decorate your own porch for Fall. Creating a welcoming entryway is not only great for curb appeal, but it welcomes guests with a warm greeting. Decorating during the next few months is so energizing and fun for me and I enjoy sharing the joy. Be sure to check back often for the latest updates in all things Fall.




Happy Decorating


September 29, 2022


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