How To Create A Pretty Fall Porch Planter

Fall is almost here and I’m all for it! This year I’m doing my porch in stages and sections at a time. I recently shared the front door wreath I repurposed and you can read about it in my last post and see how I styled last year’s porch How To Create A Beautiful Fall Harvest Front Porch. Keep scrolling to see how to create a DIY fall porch planter.

This years porch theme is a little sophisticated chic vibe with rich color and corn husks. Not sure that’s a thing but I’m making it one, lol!

Step 1-Container

The key is to find unique planter pots. I loved these tall, warm basket looking planters (linking at the end of the post) They have a shelf inside to give height to the arrangement. Another pretty option would be a tall urn or solid black pot.



Step 2-Plants

For the plants I chose real but faux plants are also a nice option. I also used some faux Fall corn husk stems purchased at Hobby Lobby. When selecting plants you want to get a thriller, a spiller and a filler. Vary the height, texture and color. It’s also a good idea to start with a color pallet in mind. I am mixing the rich burgundy/rust with shades of green and a natural 9 the corn husks)



I started with the tallest plant (thriller) in the back. Next I added the fillers using crotons and mums. Then I added some sort of spillers the Coleus. 



Step 3- Embellish


Once the plants are potted, add the embellishments. I stuck the cornstalk stems in the back and then bent the stem of the larger pic and hung it over the side of the basket to give a flow and make it look like part of the arrangement spilling out.



I’m loving how these turned out and the sleek vibe of these planters. That rich burgundy looks so pretty with the contrasting natural of the corn husks.



Next I’ll be adding the pumpkins and some other goodies to finish off the whole look. Stay tuned for more…




Are you ready to decorate for Fall yet? Now I just wish the weather would catch up and cool down. I’m ready for a sweater but way to hot for us yet! lol

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Happy Decorating









DIY Fall Porch Planter

September 16, 2021


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