Beautiful Decor Accents From Amazon That Add A Unique Touch To Your Home


Have you ever shopped Amazon for home decor? Some of my favorite and most unique finds have been right from Amazon shopping in the comfort of my own home.What’s great is that I can enter product name, find the sources, compare prices and read reviews on hundreds of items. I recent did some restyling and wanted to share some of m y favorite new goodies.

You can shop all my favorite Amazon products from beauty to organizing to home decor and more here 



I know it may sound intimidating, however being able to comparison shop and read reviews has always made me feel more confident about my purchase. I have links here for you on some items that are perfect for accenting the decor in your home.





I love decorating with books. They help to give height and character to vignettes and are perfect for coffee table decor. These 2 are so pretty and neutral. I like to make sure they will be interesting to look at and still have an aesthetic quality in my decor.




Faux Fruit



In the summer, I like to decorate with faux fruit. They have great color, and perfectly shaped as filler for trays and bowls. These pretty green apples look gorgeous in a bowl and I love how they pop against my black accents.



Match Holder



One current trend is to use extra larger matches in a pretty cloche or container to display near your candles. I love this beautiful glass dome in my candle vignettes. It’s a piece of art all on its own.



Faux Greenery Stems



Some of my most favorite stems have been from Amazon. This particular one is so realistic and I love that I can easily arrange them naturally in any vessel. They are beautiful year round as well.


Unique Candlesticks



These marble candlesticks are simple gorgeous! They are so different and a great conversation piece. You can add real or battery operated tapers to them. I love these candles and have them linked on my Amazon page as well.




Bathroom Accents



I have found so many pretty accents and organizing items for the bathroom. I’m loving these wooden scoops and use them for my bath salts and laundry detergent. They are also perfect for the kitchen. I also love these beautiful apothecary jars for  bath salts.



I hope you like some of these finds and some ideas on how to style them. I love seeing how people display their purchases. For outdoor inspiration, you can visit this post here Beautiful, Neutral Outdoor Decor Inspiration


I should be sharing my outdoor decor with you soon. This silly spring Texas weather has been so unpredictable and limited my access to photographing, so stay tuned!


Happy Decorating

May 10, 2022

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