Simple Dining Room Table Scape Inspiration


I often get asked about creating a simple everyday tablescape that you can leave out all the time. The key to this is keeping it neutral or coordinated with the color scheme and decor theme of your home. That helps to keep things from looking cluttered or too busy. Since I don’t have a formal dining room, I don’t keep my table set all the time. However, this look is definitely one I duplicate often because it is so cohesive with the rest of our home.





One way to set an everyday table to to keep a generic theme that goes with the vibe of your home decor. Following that guideline makes it much easier to select items for the table. I use a lot of black, white, woods and greenery in my home. I also love to add pops of fun patterns by mixing and matching textures.





The idea for the centerpiece is similar to the tables theme, but something that can stand alone if you were to remove the place settings. I used a wooden tray to anchor a few key pieces on the table. A pretty vase with greenery, a bowl of fruit and a candle with accessories for fragrance and ambiance. These items are functional but also work well together as a stand alone spotlight. I also love to keep our black hurricane candlesticks on the table for height and ambiance in the evenings.





Layering textures and patterns gives the place setting character and interest. I started with a wood charger to warm things up. Added our every day dinner plates then popped on a fun black and white patterned plate . To give a more effortless vibe, I fanned a stripe napkin with a rosemary sprig napkin ring (found at Hobby Lobby)



I love the casual vibe and comforting feel of this look. It doesn’t feel overdone or stuff and gives an inviting and welcoming appeal. Table settings don’t have to be complicated to be pretty. The important thing is to do what you love and make it work for you and your family. Remember, your home, your style, no rules! For. more tablescape ideas check out these posts Beautiful Classic, Neutral Spring Tablescape InspirationHow To Create A Summer Seashell Tablescape


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May 5, 2022


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