Beautiful Spring Porch Inspiration And Ideas


Spring is in the air…and now on the front porch too. I love to clean and freshen up the outside areas when winter finally leaves. It feels so good to create a cheerful, welcoming entryway for the season. This past weekend I gave ours a makeover and love this new vibe. Come read about the details…


When creating and styling our front porch, I have several elements I always incorporate to help me design and complete the look. Let’s go over these items.



I love to add a layered look to the door entrance with rugs and mats. It’s a great way to add personality to your door and dress it up a little bit too. I used a bold black and white check as the first layer then added the welcome mat on top. I like that it kind of frames the mat itself.




Address Box and Welcome Sign

This address planter box is not only practical, but it. gives the porch that extra designer vibe. I change out the flowers seasonally and its such a great touch to the space. You can get the details on how to make one here How To Make An Address Porch Planter




Lanterns and Candles

I love to greet guests with some ambiance at night. Battery operated remote and timer candles are perfect inside a pretty lantern. It not only adds character, but it adds extra lighting as well. And gives a dreamy glow to the walkup of your home.




Statement Planters

Large, unique planters are a great way to add that wow factor to your porch, I love the shape and height of these. The faux trees are something new I decided to try. They were on sale at Hobby Lobby and I like the idea that they are no maintenance and look so real. I’m going to love these during the heat of our Texas summer! I just weighted them down with landscape rocks and added some moss to dress it up a bit.



Door Decor

Be sure to finish the look by dressing up the front door with a wreath or basket. I made this cute hanging basket for spring and love how festive and organic it looks here. You can get details to make your own here How To Create A Pretty Spring Door Basket




I will probably add more color for summer with more plants but of course the best way to add that zest and pop of color is with your seasonal flowers and greenery. I went wit a fresh white and green vibe for spring but definitely want to add some colorful stems for summer time



That’s all there is to it. If you stick with those few basic items, putting together a pretty porch look with a designer vibe is easy peasy! I will be sharing more outdoor inspiration as the weather continues to improve. We love spending time outside so I can’t wait to get started.




Happy Decorating

April 9, 2022

  1. Regina J. says:

    Thanks for sharing! A well-equipped porch can become an extension of the house. Good furniture, sufficient lighting, and cozy textiles will make it a favorite place for the whole family.

  2. Shane Long says:

    This beautiful Spring porch is inspired by the beauty of nature and ideas for spaces that are full of life and happiness. This space can be used as a place to relax or to entertain family and friends, or it can be used as a place to work on projects or to take a break. The color palette of this space is light and airy, with blue and green highlights. The flooring is made of natural materials like cedar and slate, and the walls are painted a light green that works well with the other colors in the space. New Home Builders Brisbane

  3. Janice Taylor says:

    I enjoy how you do simple but elegant touches I love spring inside and out thanks for sharing your ideas I love them
    I’m a March girl as well Happy Birthday!

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