Four Ways To Make A Place Card For Your Thanksgiving Table Settings



When creating a special table I love to personalize each place setting with name cards. I think it gives an extra special touch to the table and makes your guests feel extra special. I have several Thanksgiving table ideas you can read about here 5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablesetting Ideas  Cute And Easy Thanksgiving Party Favor Ideas


Adding place cards to my Thanksgiving table has always been my favorite tradition. I think it makes everyone at the table feel extra special and dresses up the table from that everyday table look to wow! Even though everyone may have their usual standard seat, it gives the table a fancy dressed up feel. I’m sharing 4 simple ideas for you today.


Prayer Card Napkin Ring



I love this sweet prayer and it adds a lovely touch to your table. I just created a tag with the prayer on a label and attached it to a simple tag. Then I tied it to a mini grapevine wreath with juste to create a napkin ring.

I designed it with a pretty plaid napkin folded into a square and grabbed it at the corner and pulled trough the napkin rings.



Ribbon Tie



To create this look I used a shear ribbon to create a napkin ring tag. I just made the tags with card stock on the computer and punched 2 holes on each end.



Next, I glue a pretty leaf to the back of the tag and pulled each end through the holes to secure it around a simply folded napkin.



Burlap Pocket 



This look is perfect for a kids table. I used a wide burlap ribbon to cut a strip about 18″ long . I hot glued a hem but you could sew it as well. Fold up one end to create a pocket and glue to seal it.





Next, tuck in your napkin of choice and cutlery and embellish with leaves or small trinkets. Then create a tag or label with each persons name at the table.



Pocket Napkin Fold with Name Tag



This simple fold creates the perfect pocket to place utensils . I love this look for a buffet setting. This makes it easy for guests to have all they need. If you decide to use it at a table, create a name tag and tie it around the bottom part of the pocket. Then you can embellish with a leaf, wheat or anything that coordinates with your table.



You can visit this post for more table setting ideas 5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablesetting Ideas



I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with your loved ones. It truly is a magical time to relax, enjoy traditions, and appreciate all those things you are most grateful for.

I am very thankful for you and appreciate your kindness and support in this little space. I love to give inspiration and hopefully ideas to help you create a home and environment that brings you joy! Be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay updated on all the latest posts and information here.


Happy Entertaining

November 18, 2021

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