Delicious Grown Up Popsicles

Nothing says summertime as much a a yummy popsicle. I decided to have fun and try some “grown up” version of a favorite childhood summer treat. I mean adults can have fun too right? I’m sharing 3 delicious popsicle recipes for you to try, and I’ll let you pick which one you think is best…



Not only are popsicles a fun treat but they are so refreshing during a hot summer day. So, treat yourself to a tasty popsicle and relax during the slow down months!


Water Melon Sugar Popsicle






4 cups cubed watermelon

juice of 2 limes

1/2 c Tequila

1/2 t Salt

2-3 T simple syrup





Combine all the ingredients in a blender or Nutri bullet and pour into molds. Place in freezer at least 2 hours.






I love the fresh, crips taste of watermelon and this flavor is so good with the little touch of lime.




Mojito Summer Popsicle






2 1/2 c water

1 c sugar

20 mint leaves

1/4 c lime juice

1/4 c rum






Heat sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the m int. Steep the liquid until it cools. Once liquid is cool, strain and combine the mint syrup, lime and rum. Then pour into molds. I placed a few mint leaves in the mold first to give a special touch to the look of the popsicle. Place filled molds in the freezer for 2 hours.







Mint Raspberry Delight Popsicle





1/2 c water

1/2 c sugar

2 T mint leaves

6 oz raspberries

2 1/2 c club soda

1/2 c lime juice 

1/3 gin 






Place water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the mint and raspberries , steep for 15 minutes. Once the liquid is cooled, strain it and set aside. Next, stir together the club soda, lime juice gin and syrup. I added a few raspberries and mint leaves to the mold first. Finally pour into molds and place in the freezer at least 2 hours



Try them all because they are too good not to. If I had to pick a favorite, mine would be the raspberry mint. They are all refreshing and sure to bring a smile. You can also leave out the alcohol for the littles but be sure to mark the difference.

I also have some yummy summer dinner ideas that are our all time favorites and you can get the details here Easy And Delicious Outdoor Grill Recipes.

I hope you’ll try the popsicles and let me know what you think!


Happy Entertaining




Delicious Popsicle Recipes

July 3, 2021

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