Quick And Easy Semi Homemade Fourth Of July Treats

Hey friends! Umm how is it almost July, I seriously feel like it was just the first day of June, wow that month got away from me, how about you? Happy Birthday USA. Celebrating the birth of our beautiful nation is always so uplifting when Americans come together and celebrate with classic, old fashioned parties and parades. I love having special treats here at the lake when we are celebrating but I also want it to be easy. So I put together this collection of simple Fourth of July treats you can make in a snap and make them so cute and tasty everyone will want one of each!

Mini Patriotic Cherry Pies




  • Pie Crust – store bought or you can make your own but wow this is easy. One crust make 6 pies so a box makes 12
  • Cherry pie filling
  • 5 inch circle cookie cutter
  • mini star cookie cutter



First, roll out your dough and then cut your circles. You may need to gather the scraps to re roll for the stars. I decided to go with mini  1″ stars to allow for more of the cherries to show. However you can use a larger one to cover it all if you want. 



Then place the crusts in a well greased muffin tin. Next, add a heaping tablespoon of cherry filling. Leave a little space at the top so your filling wont overflow.





Bake according to the package directions. Mine were good at about 20-25 minutes.



Festive Ice Cream Sandwiches




  • Ice cream sandwiches of your choice. There are round and rectangular and both are fun!
  • Festive patriotic sprinkles



All you do is place the sprinkles on a plate and dip the ice cream sides coating the ice cream completely. Quick and easy!





Fireworks Popcorn




  • popcorn of your choice popped
  • White chocolate morels
  • variety of festive sprinkles



I did a fun mix of sprinkles. I added some white pearls and silver glitter along with the red white and clue sprinkles. The bigger the variety the better and its fun to make it sparkle a little.



Once your popcorn is popped, melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals until fully melted. The amount all depends on how many people you are serving. I did a small package of popcorn with a 1/2- 1 cup of chocolate. 



Once your chocolate is melted, put it into the bowl with the popcorn and mix well.




Then add your sprinkles and mix  well…I dare you to not try it! lol its so yummy with that salty sweet taste! Then I added the popcorn to these cute little boxes. You can read all about how I made then in this post How To Create an Easy And Festive Fourth Of July Tablescape It also includes sources. This is the perfect treat to make ahead and everyone has their own snack to have for watching the fireworks show!




They look so cute on the table as decor and you can add a little flag with each persons name to personalize it.



Personal S’more Boxes




I used these cardboard berry cartons and added some festive fabric to line the carton and make it festive.



Then add all the fun goodies for making s’mores. You can vary the candy and mix it up too. I love that everyone has their own and can bring it to the fire with their own roasting stick. Easy and nice to have it for each individual. I also made these cute tags to attach to the box. You can print them here smore tag



This is the table I designed for this ear and you can read all about it here and how I made many of the decorations. Very easy and inexpensive. How To Create an Easy And Festive Fourth Of July Tablescape or this one from last year Celebrate The 4th In Style



I hope you enjoyed these simple Fourth of July treats. You can literally make them all in just a short amount of time especially if you enlist some little helpers. I hope you have a wonderful celebration however you spend it and I’m so glad you are here. Let me know if you have any questions I love chatting with you.


Happy Entertaining







Simple Fourth of July treats

July 1, 2021


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