10 Tips And Ideas For Decor On A Budget

Decorating your home and staying on trend can get so expensive, can I get an Amen?! These days we are spending so much time in our homes and creating a cozy, beautiful space is more important to us than ever. It can get really costly to make a lot of changes at once or switch out seasonally. So today I want to share with you to tips and ideas for decor on a budget. Easy and practical things to update your home and add the latest trends without getting too “trendy”….


 #1 Paint, Paint, Paint


Did I say paint? Why yes I did…Y’all you can paint anything and everything to make it new again. Don’t throw away that old decor just because you don’t like the outdated color. You can bring almost anything to life with a can of spray paint. I have recently painted some old pots, a lamp base and outdoor decor. Also, cabinets, trim and even floors can be painted and changed in an afternoon.



This vase used to be mustard yellow. I just took a good ole can of satin black spray paint and updated to fit my current style. I have a few other ideas for updating pots here How To Turn An Old Pot Into Artisan Pottery Look



You can even paint window panes to update the entire look of a room How To Paint Windows DIY And Tips



You can read about this painted floor here HOW I CREATED THIS PAINTED BUFFALO CHECK FLOOR & AN EASY BATHROOM UPDATE as well as this DIY floor My Painted bathroom floor project


#2 Feature Wall


Create a chic, updated space with just one wall. You can use wallpaper or do a simple shiplap, board and batten or any other wood accents on just wall in the room. We created this pretty wall and gave it a bit of drama with this rich gray called Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. Another amazing decor on a budget tip!



You can add accent, feature walls anywhere. This upper landing got a simple wallpaper that made it come to life. You can read all about wallpaper here Did Someone Say Wallpaper?… And we recently added some boards to the stairway that give it a top notch finish How To Add The Finishing Touch To A Stairway With Board & Batten



#3 Rearrange

Hello how simple is that? just rearrange the room. Switch your pieces from other rooms like small end tables, chairs and accessories. Think outside the box on new ways to place your furniture in a room and you’ll feel like it’s a whole new space…cost $0!! This room got a quick makeover just by switching the furniture…Of course it’s already been changed from this look, lol. But you feel like it’s a whole new space just by changing things around.



#4 Pillow Covers

This is such a simple concept, however many people don’t know or think about it. Textiles can really make a difference when styling a room. Just by changing the color, texture and prints you can achieve a whole new look and update it. But, ummm hello pillows can be expensive and where the heck are you supposed to store them all? So, what I do is invest in a good set of inserts, then I just purchase the covers. That way you can change them as often as you want at the fraction of the cost. To store them, I just hang with clipped hangers in a closet by color or season and its super easy to switch them out. Easy decor on a budget tip!



#5 Make Your Own Art

There are so many easy ways to create a simple art piece in your home using DIY projects. You can make art with a canvas and some joint compound. Or, create pots, shadow boxes, beaded garland and so much more. Here are a few  projects I’ve recently created. I have quite a few options of easy ideas throughout the blog. Just peruse the DIY section…

Ways To Make A Concrete Plant Stand


decor on a budget

How To Update A Plain Glass Vase


Make A DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl



Create An Easy Summer Centerpiece With Succulents



#6 On Trend Plants

Adding plants to your home can give so much life and character to a room. Faux or real, either is great. Try your hand at some easy plants like a Pathos or Snake plant. Olive trees and Fiddle leaf Fig trees are on trend as well.





#7 Repurpose old Items

You can take old pieces of furniture and repurpose them for other things. Always wanted a coffee bar? Just use an old buffet or console and repurpose it as a coffee bar. Take an old armoire and create a desk or linen closet. So may items can be given a new life by repurposeing. You can do the same with old accent pieces. I had several duplicate vases I wasn’t using and the style was not my favorite anymore, so I turned them into artian stone looking pots with a textured paint. How To Turn An Old Pot Into An Artisian Stone Look




#8 Baskets


Baskets serve so many purposes in a room. Number one they are great for storage, but oh so much more. Vary sizes shapes and textures and layer in various place to fill up empty spaces. They are perfect for placing a plant in, holding blankets and even on the wall in a beautiful arrangement. You can find great baskets at thrift stores and give them new life by mixing them up in your spaces and styling them in with other decor.



#9 Peel and Stick Wallpaper 


Even if you live in an apartment, peel and stick wallpaper is perfect to update and accent a small space. Wallpapering a large area can be expensive, but you don’t have to do the entire room. Remember, it’s all about decor on a budget! You can place a small amount in a laundry room, bathroom and even the pantry to give it a pop of color and pattern and add additional visual interest.



This pretty floral print was actually leftover from my laundry room update here How To Refresh A Laundry Room.

I updated this little h=guest room with just one wall and I love how much character it added to the whole room How To Create A Pretty Guest Room In A Small Space



This Scandinavian tulip print is just the perfect neutral pattern for this small space. It makes such a big impact with just a small amount.


#10 Accent Area Rugs

Rugs are a simple way to add some cozy texture and color to a space. You don’t have to get a large, expensive rug to accomplish this. Even layering a smaller rug on top of carpet under a bed or coffee table is just enough to update a space and give it a pop of pizazz.



I love the pop of pattern and color this inexpensive runner adds to my entryway. Just adding a rug in a neutral space can give it a ton of character.



I hope these decor on a budget tips were helpful and inspired you to look at your home differently. It’s easy to let pretty photos from Pinterest, Instagram and magazines to intimiadate or make you feel like your home will never be how you want it. Or that its’ too overwhleming because of cost. But I promise you can achieve so many top notch, professional looks in your home on a budget. Just think a little outside the box and research a way to make it work.

Most of all, it’s important to love your home and create what you love, not what you think you need to do because everyone else is doing the same. Throw out the “rules” and do what makes you happy. Make sure you are subscribed to my weekly newsletter so you won’t miss out on the latest posts where I show all kinds of things to make your life easy and pretty. I love to hear from my followers, so let me know if this was helpful for you. Remember love your home and make it yours!


Happy Decorating | Decor On A Budget



August 11, 2020

  1. Great list and reminder to paint! What’s your name I didn’t see it in your about. Laura in Colorado

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Laura,

      Its actually on my home page, about and about page so not sure how you missed it ? But thanks for the feedback my friend.

      Deborah xoxo

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Deborah 🙂
    Great tips! I love how do-able all of your tips are. None of these ideas are overly complicated, which is usually the reason I avoid doing anything.
    Thanks for this!

  3. Great budget friendly ideas Deborah! Love how the stairs turned out too. You amaze me with everything you get done!

  4. Rifat says:

    Probably one of the most useful and informative blog posts Ive come across in a while!

  5. lisa says:

    This is a great list. I’ve just started to get into decorating my house but I never know where to find stuff. Of course, I’ve gone to Walmart and target, and while their stuff is cute. Thanks for sharing this information with us.retaining walls

  6. Zoe Campos says:

    It really helped when you said that we can achieve a chic and updated space just by focusing on our walls. My bedroom has beige-colored walls and I feel like it is too dull for my taste. Maybe I should check nearby stores and see if they offer twill wall coverings that I can use.

  7. Hi, Very good write-up. I certainly love this website.
    It’s hard to come by experienced people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

  8. Ash Styles says:

    Great ideas. I had such a lot of inspiration from the artsy things in the photos. Now I want to reorganize my space and add a lil bit of spice to it!

  9. Arkaa says:

    This article is very informative. It is very useful for me, Thank You For This Information… Nice Blog.. You are Awesome.

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