How To Add Spring And Easter Touches To Your Home



Hey friends, how are you doing? I know it’s such a crazy time and I hope you are staying well. I know there are so many on the front lines working hard and giving so much or their time, including 2 of my own kids-Firefighter/EMT and hospital Dietetian Tech. I pray for the health and safety of everyone and that we will pull through this soon. I know for me decorating, DIY projects and crafts are one way that helps me to deal with the anxiety and stress. So for the sake of adding some normalcy and inspiration, I’m choosing to share as much joy as I can. So lets chat about cheering up your home…

Spring is here or almost here for some and what a perfect way to bring newness and joy into our homes. 

Here are some ways I like to add Spring touches:



There are so many ways to bring natural elements to create a fresh, inviting space. Faux or fresh flowers such as tulips, greenery, moss, wood tones, blooming branches and tiny blossoms are some of my favorites. The key is to find unique ways to display them.

You can use so many items like artisan vases, pottery, tin buckets, baskets, and bowls make great vessels for florals. Another pretty way to create a floral vignette is to create a spring garden arrangement, here is a tutorial for how to create one How To Create A Beautiful Fresh Spring Garden Arrangement





Another gorgeous way to bring a cheerful boost to your decor is with forced flowering branches. If you have any flowering trees in your yard, you can clip them just as the buds appear and place them in water. They will open up and you’ll have beautiful blossoms to enjoy.



These faux tulips look so pretty in a basket as well as a concrete pot. The secret is to be sure you can bend some to fall over like real tulips would do.

I added this arrangement of white tulips to the display on my Spring mantel. Then I tied it in with some greenery over the mirror and big white blossoms in an artisan pot.





I love how these soft pink tulips look in contrast to the concrete pot. A bowl of green apples is the perfect compliment and brings the pretty greens into a vignette.





Another option is to use faux cherry blossoms in a tall concrete vase, so simple and elegant. In the background on my vent hood, you will see one of the wreaths I shared how to make in this post How To Make 3 Beautiful And Easy Spring Wreaths . Wreaths are another beautiful way to add greenery, just think out of the box in new places you could hang them. Over a bathroom mirror, kitchen windows, over the bed and so many more.







I love displaying patterned and various colored Easter eggs in clear vases, bowls and shallow trays. This year my Spring decor is very soft and neutral so these newspaper vintage inspired eggs are a perfect compliment to blossoms. Here’s the post on how to make the newspaper eggs How To Make Beautiful Vintage Paper Covered Easter Eggs I mixed in some wooden eggs and draped wooden beads to give more texture to the whole look.






I love to add different styles of bunnies to vignettes. This faux chocolate bunny is so cute sitting in moss with some white tulips. Trays are perfect ways to create a collection of items. Mix different elements and texture varying the heights and scale of the items.



These ceramic bunnies look so sweet next to the contrasting black vase and blossoming stems.



I created this vignette adding faux paperwhites to a basket and sweet bunnies to balance out the height and added a candle to finsih off the look and create a collected look.



Lighter Textiles

Lightening up the blankets and accent pieces and mixing up soft patterns and prints is the perfect way to keep things cozy but not as heavy as Winter decor. I love the soft neutral mix of this pillow and a lightweight cable knit blanket adds the perfect cozy touch. 



Here’s a full view of my Spring mantel and a view of the kitchen with the mix of spring decor.



Well friends, I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration to add some beauty to your own home. Sometimes spending time changing up your decor and styling rooms can be a great distraction and fun way to bring some change into your surroundings. So what was your favorite item? I always appreciate comments and questions. Be sure you subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss a post. I’ll be sharing some fun Easter tablescape ideas with you soon.



Happy Decorating


March 31, 2020

  1. Rhonda Nelson says:

    Beautiful, makes me smile in the difficult times, love to see how others decorate….thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      Hi Rhonda,
      I’m so glad I could make you smile. I appreciate your kind feedback.

      Stay well xoxo

  2. All of your touches are beautiful and so fun! I love how the greens pop out from your everyday decor. Happy spring!

    • says:

      Hi CIndy,

      Thanks for the kind comments, appreciate you friend. Happy Spring to you as well and stay healthy!

  3. Terry says:

    I love EVERYTHING!!! I need more rabbits!
    Happy Easter and stay healthy!

    • says:

      Hi Terry,

      You are so sweet thank you. You can never have too many bunnies!
      Happy Easter to you as well and stay healthy too!


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