How To Organize A Spice Cabinet


Variety is the spice of life friends! Anyone want to join my spice girls club? Just kidding, however when I recently reorganized my spice cabinet, I had a lot of followers join in on the fun! For some reason this was a project I was dreading but it ended up not only being easy, but very productive.  And what a difference it makes when working in the kitchen to know what you have and exactly where it is (plus it looks pretty) Organizing projects, although daunting are always so satisfying once completed so remembering that can help to get you through a project a little faster.

Well here’s a little before action. Nor horrible  at least at first appearance but it was very functional and we weren’t really sure what all we had. But the worst part was when I took everything out and started looking at the expiration dates! Y’all we had some serious vintage spices lol. It’s not that they would make you sick or anything, they just didn’t smell fresh so I’m sure they didn’t take great either.


 Here are the steps I took to complete this easy project

Products needed:

  • A variety of jars and containers that you like
  • Small stickers for writing the expirations dates
  • funnel (not nedded but can be helpful
  • Labels for your spices. I have the source of my labels further in my post


First, remove everything from the cabinet and place it on the counter where you can see everything. (bring a garbage can close by) then start by first eliminating what is old and looks questionable. Be sure to keep a piece of paper and pen close by to write down what you are throwing out and that needs to be replaced.




Once you have your spices cleaned out and a list of what you need to replace, you can determine the best containers for your space. There are so many options out there for how to store them. I just loved these glass jars from Hobby Lobby. If you wait for them to go 50% off and collect them over time you’ll cut back on the expense all at once.



One thing that was important to me is that they have a good seal and are the right size to hold the spices as well as to fit in my cabinet. I bought the larger ball top jars for spices we use in larger quantities or that usually come in larger containers at the store. The smaller jars are perfect to hold one of the small containers of spices. The large bottles are perfect for those larger volume spices. Be sure to clean your jars and thoroughly dry before starting.





Next, get some stickers and be sure to check the expiration dates on the bottle first, add the sticker to the bottom of the jar then fill your jars.






Once your jars are ready, start filling them up and organizing them in the order you want to place them. I always alphabetize my spices for ease in finding them.



I love using lazy susan turntables for my pantry. It makes it so much easier to store items and get access to them. I use them when organizing other areas of our home. They are perfect for a bathroom cabinet too.



I love how these beautiful labels look on the jars too. Here is where you can find a great selection of options for anything in your pantry or home for organizing. Go to Amazon and select Talented Kitchen labels and you’ll find a great assortment of style choices.



I love these taller jars for items where you have a larger quantity or bulkier volume. 



Overall this was such a simple project and I have to say it’s been so much fun opening that cabinet and having it in order and pretty. It’s so much easy to cook when your supplies are in order and organized.  I also think it’s so much easier to keep track of the freshness and expiration of your spices.

I hope this inspired you to organize your own kitchen and you enjoyed the tips and ideas. I’d love to know your thoughts and feel free to comment, I love hearing from you. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to so you wont miss any posts. Thanks for following along friends!


Happy Organizing


March 27, 2020

  1. Pat says:

    I love all your clear coordinating spice containers!
    Well done!
    This time of year, I always go through my spices and check the expiration dates!
    Truly inspirational!
    Thank you for inspiring!

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