Creating A Fun Father's Day Tablescape

Creating a Father’s day table that isn’t too frilly or girly can be a challenge. So, I’m sharing a simple set up that any dad will love. This table setting is so inexpensive and really cost next to nothing since I used items I already had from our home. I’ve also included a fun napkin fold demo to add that special touch for dad.

To make this fun table I wanted a warm, woodsy, masculine feel and started with utilizing a lot of texture.  for the center of the table I started with a macrame table runner in a neutral creamy color. Then I gathered items from around the house that are related to hobbies my husband enjoys. We have some wonderful vintage items given to us as keepsakes that worked out great for this theme.
I elevated the center with a footed wooden stand and added an antique fishing basket. Then anchored an old fishing net next to it. Wooden candle sticks of various shapes and sizes helped to bring in the wood tones to the table. I used golf balls to add some pops of white to the arrangement . Of course I had to add the “hole in one” trophy !
Then to anchor everything and bring another natural element to the look, I used some fern leaves and tucked them around to soften the look a bit.
For the place setting, I layered a burlap place mat, a black charger and our everyday neutral plates to tie in with the table runner. This super easy napkin fold added a fun touch to the whole look. Heres how to make it;
Start with a 20 x 20 fabric napkin of any print (stripes, checks and paisley are great for a men’s tie look) These are from Target Hearth and Hand collection. Then fold it in half lengthwise, then again in half. Be sure the folded opening is at the top as shown.
Turn it on the diagonal and fold over the left corner once, and then once again to create the first side of the tie as shown.
Then, repeat with the other side and it will take on the shape of the tie.
Next, hold it tightly and flip it over so the point is at the top.
Then, carefully open the top part of the point to fold it over like a cuff as you hold the folded part of the napkin.
To add a bit more pop of green, I anchored the tie on a mini boxwood wreath. Such a fun and easy way to add a masculine touch to the whole look !
So there is it, easy peasy and a nice, special way to honor dad with the things he loves. You can still create a pretty table even if it isn’t “girly”. By using various textures & heights you can create an eye catching centerpiece and also interest to start table conversations win/win 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions on the napkin folding, please let me know. Feel free to share and pin this table all you want. As always, thanks for following along.

Happy Decorating


June 11, 2019

  1. Brittany Fry says:

    This is so cute & screams Fathers Day!!!! I love those black chargers!

    • says:

      Hi Brittany,
      So happy you liked it. Sometimes it’s hard to get away from all the girlie details in a tablescape, but this one was so fun to do!
      Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
      Deborah xoxo

  2. Joy grzena says:

    Why on Earth would you show a napkin that is all wrinkled you should have iron it. The idea of making it look like a tie is really nice but all wrinkled up I wouldn’t even want to sit at your table how do I know your things are even clean

    • says:

      Honestly this isn’t even worthy of a reply but I’m leaving one anyway because I have never had such a rude and unnecessary comment EVER!
      I’m wondering what kind of sad person feels the need to make a comment on something and know nothing about the person or the circumstances of their life? Why on Earth would you be so rude to make a comment like this, how sad for you. Saying my table isn’t clean what does that have to do with anything such a rude assumption and terrible to judge people that way, really was that necessary? Come on try to join the trend…it’s called being kind. People like you are why there is so much hate in this world. I don’t know one person that would read this and think it was appropriate. Guess you never learned if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!
      Only a sad negative person does that. And by the way, its the type of fabric it doesn’t get perfectly crisp and smooth it’s a seersucker fabric, it’s supposed to have that texture… and really does that even matter?

  3. Jamie Grove says:

    So classy vintage and fun! Where on earth did you get your plates? Those are gorgeous!! Thanks for the ideas!

    • says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks so much. I’ve had the plates a long time. They were from a home based business called Southern Living at Home. Unfortunately they are no longer around.

      Thanks for following along !
      Deborah xoxo

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