I love decorating for Christmas using what nature provides, along with the beautiful fragrance it offers, there’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of it. The rich greens & reds just shout “Merry Christmas” . This year I wanted to bring that rustic, festive feel to my front porch and I’m excited to share this simple DIY project with you.

Here is how I made this beautiful Christmas greenery pot




  • Find a container with some height to place your arrangement in. I used some urns I already had, but a large pot of any kind will work



  • Gather at least 3-4 various types of greenery. I was able to get some scraps for free from Home Depot. Then I gathered the rest from my yard ( and my bushes got a grooming as well!)
    • birch wood logs or large twigs
    • 3 varieties of pine
    • holly leaves with berries
    • large pinecones
    • a bell or any other fun embellishments you may want to add. This could be a mini sled, reindeer, Santa  etc.


  • Start by adding a filler in your pot. It can be soil or a florist block. Something to anchor the sticks
  • Then add your sticks at various heights




  • Add your first layer of greenery all the way around the pot. These should be your longest pieces




  • Then add your second layer of greenery. These pieces should be shorter and a bit fuller to add a little more bulk




  • Next add your third layer of greenery in smaller amounts in various places.
  • Followed by the sprigs of holly leaves and berries. You can use any variety of berries you may have, or even add fake ones if needed.



  • Once all your greens are set, you can embellish it with a variety of pine cones and your other fun elements that may go with your decor theme you have. I used large pine cones I’ve had for many years, and a white bell garland piece to balance out the white wood.




And that’s it my friends… super simple and festive! I’m planning to spray my arrangement daily to keep the greens fresh and moist. The greens may dry out a bit but they shouldn’t lose their color.










Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear from you. As always, pin away and thanks so much for following along. I’ll have more tutorials, holiday table settings and a home tour coimg soon.  FOr now you can visit this post for past Christmas decor ideas It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

~Happy Decorating~

November 30, 2017

  1. Laura Kellogg says:

    So festive and beautiful, Deborah!

  2. Janna says:

    Wondering what to do at the front door…it’s perfect I love it. Thank you for all the great ideas!!!

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Janna,

      Yay I’m so happy to hear that. It’s really such a simple and festive way to dress up the porch without spending much money. I hope it turned out for you.
      Have a very Merry Christmas & thanks for your feedback! Hope you’ll visit often.

  3. Michele Eures says:

    Great instructions and I’m definitely going to try this!

    • txbittons@verizon.net says:

      Hi Michele,
      I love hearing this, yay! I think it’s such an easy and festive way to dress up your home. Enjoy your decorating & have a Merry Christmas

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