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Of course, once again I’m way behind on my blog. I took a super fun girlfriend trip to NYC in November to shop, eat and visit my little brother {he’s an artist in NYC} I think my friend and I had more fun planning our daily outfits based on our activities. I mean where else can you wear anything you want and you’ll fit right in? It’s a great opportunity to have fun with your clothes and since we’ve both been to NYC several times, we wanted to spend the week living like New Yorkers! 
WARNING…photo overload but I had to post some of my favorite places and moments on the trip. I have tons, so I picked my favorites…

As you can see we did NOT pack lightly. We arrived on a rainy afternoon…so glad I had a hat on!


Our first night we were excited to try out some Speakeasy bars and Crif’s Hotdogs has a phone booth where you call to “get in” and then pass through the actual phone booth… We were lucky for November to have a fairly warm evening.


In Texas we rarely get to dress in layers, wear hats & scarves etc…it’s just not cold enough. I was excited to wear some layers and I love hats! So day 2 was a shop till you drop kinda day


I love all the graffiti, most people hate it but I think it’s what make NYC so artistic and fun! 



Instead of Broadway, we attended the coolest interactive play experience ever, Sleep No More! This was my 3rd time and it never disappoints…. and yes, you wear a mask the entire time!
As you can see each day seemed to get a little colder. We spent the day in Chelsea browsing art galleries and thought it was fun to come all the way to NYC for some Dallas BBQ, who would have thought? lol


Walking the High line was so gorgeous with the fall color. We don’t get that intense color in Texas so this was a treat!



Another Speak easy bar called the Bathtub Gin….Yes we are actually sitting in a copper tub! and it was worth the wait in line to get in…
You can barely see the sign behind me, but the Racoon Lodge is next to my brothers art studio apartment. It was one of the places the workers went for a break during the 911 cleanup {one of the only places even open!} and they still hang out there today.


The other thing on our NYC bucket list was to actually get into a NYC nightclub. It’s quite a feat to say the least but we were up for the challenge. It took a lot of “smoke and mirrors” to get ready and it was worth it. Guess that Southern charm works every time! We were able to get in and the views at the top were stunning. Such a fun and VERY late night {or should I say early morning?}


Central Park was absolutely gorgeous and I have a bazillion pictures!! I think we stopped every few seconds and took another shot of the beauty. It was a beautiful day to be there, that’s for sure!



I could have sat on this wall all day long and people watched….
After the park, we spent the day on 5th Avenue Christmas shopping and then had lunch at Rockefeller Plaza watching the ice skaters and the tree being assembled {Now that’s a piece of work for sure!}


Our last day we finished up more shopping and spent some time at the 911 Memorial. Though I’ve been there a few times, it’s always so deeply moving it’s hard to describe. A very stunning and moving tribute that words can’t describe!



I really do Love NYC and cant’s wait to get back!



December 17, 2014

  1. Larry Lewis says:

    I d o love New York too. But 2020 has turned out to be a pain. Can’t even get outside of home now. As soon as The pandemic is over I will definitely visit NY once again.

    • says:

      I know it’s been such a bummer. Hopefully we can all start traveling again soon

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