Prom Princess

Ahhhh, nothing like prom season….well I can say this, after having two boys go through the “prom process” then having a girl, it’s a whole new world! It started with the dress selection a few months ago. My daughter thinks she’s living in the wrong era so needless to say, the selections were not to her liking. She finally found “the one” and I must say, it was definitely her.
Then you add accessory selection to which there are way too many choices to decide from, then it goes on and on! She finally gave up on finding the headband and made hers!(glad I have a crafty mini me!) A full day of nails, hair and makeup and “voila” it’s show time!…..


Yes, her boyfriend is tall…offensive linemen usually are big boys!
(of course she’s only 5′ )





This is the headband she made with a ribbon and crystals




May 5, 2014

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