Chanel No 70

About this time last year I was very busy planning my mom’s 70th birthday party. She loves all things Chanel, so I had a very fun theme to start with. To make it easy because of her job (she works at Neiman Marcus) I thought a Sunday brunch would work best for her friends and co workers.
So a “little black dress” brunch it became.

This was the invitation. I used white and black cardstock and wrapped a black grosgrain ribbon around and added a pearl as the final touch.
All the guests wore black party dresses.

I had Jenny Layne Bakery make the cupcakes and they turned out fantastic{they were tasty too}
I also had her make “little black dress” sugar cookies for a take home treat

This was the party favor and inside a little black makeup compact for your handbag.

I wrapped the utensils with a candle and tied a black ribbon with the final touch of a small pearl, that said “make a wish”. This way everyone had their own candle for wishes.

For the table scape I made signs with Coco Chanel quotes, some large pearls {bubble gum}shopping bags and a black dress form.


I served “blush rose” champagne punch and iced tea in champagne goblets.


The hostess assistants, my daughter and her two BFF’s.


My best friends catered the lunch serving; 5 varieties of quiche, croissants and chicken salad, lemon & vanilla bean scones, fresh fruit and for dessert the yummy cupcakes and sugar cookies.

Me, my daughter, and the guest of honor, my pretty momma.
Happy birthday Mom!!

April 25, 2014


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