Easy Tips For An Organized Kitchen

Hey friend can I ask you a question? Does an organized kitchen make you happy or are you kind eh? Clutter makes me crazy and it can be so hard to manage and maintain in a kitchen. One reason is because of how many “things” we have/need, all the various shapes and sizes and multiple people tend to use them at once. If you want to manage any type of sanity while cooking, having a place for everything really helps. For one, others know where to find things and better yet where to put them. However, i know a lot of people get overwhelmed with how or where to start. I put this post together in hopes of saving a crazy kitchen outburst or help where I can to make your home a better place ( at least in the kitchen)…come see some of my simple home organization tips!





These can be such a nuisance to store. There are so many shapes and awkward sizes sometimes it’s frustrating figuring out where to put them all. First, be sure to purge and know that you don’t need every gadget out there. If you have something you’ve never used before or duplicates, may say goodbye to it to make more room

Also, divide and sort everything. These bamboo trays work out so great. You can get various shapes and sizes and sort things that are somewhat related in drawers like cooking items, baking, grilling etc.




Kitchen wrap and Storage


I love using drawers for my bags, foil and wraps. It’s so much easier to see what you have and keep it together. Laying them flat prevents the boxes from falling all over and items coming apart.



For storage containers it’s easier to stack and see the items you have. In cabinets its hard to see in the back and things can get lost. A few times a year go through them to be sure each bottom has a top. It’s still a mystery what happens to the lids (kinda like the lost sock) I like to contain all the lids in one space and then stack the containers. It’s also a good idea to dispose of the cracked and stained containers to avoid overload and getting too junky.





One of my favorite simple home organization tips is I like to keep appliances in cabinets up high so they are out of the way and easy to get to and see. Place your less used items at the top and go through them a few times a year if there are some you haven’t used in a long time. I like to do this before the holidays in case there’s something I may need or replace . The holidays tend to be the time of year when we use the rare items for a recipe and you want to be sure it still works !



I also like to keep my counters as clutter free as possible so I created a little coffee/tea bar just inside the cabinet near the coffee maker. I like to use baskets for containing items to make it a little more pretty and add some texture and warmth to a space. I keep items for protein drinks, teas and hot chocolate items all contained together.



Cute jars all the same size are great for spaces like this. It makes it not only prettier, but easier to organize because theya re all the same size.



Pots & Pans

I absolutely love the magnetic stands that come with the Caroway pans. I used to always stack my pots and pans on top of each other and it was such a pain getting to them. Standing them up on their side is genius and prettier too. I also love the canvas lid holder. It’s heavy duty and holds your lids in place perfectly.



I keep all my recipes in a large binder. I have plastic sleeves that hold printed sheets of recipes and small pockets that hold recipe cards. It so nice to have them all in one place categorized for easy searches.



Cooking sheets and cutting boards

This narrow pull out drawer is perfect for standing up all the cookie sheets and large cutting boards. 



Flatware and Cutlery


For organizing flatware, trays are the best. You can get all varieties from plastic to bamboo. These sectioned bamboo trays are perfect for organizing all the flatware, serving pieces and knives.





I did a big spice organizing project a while ago and it has stayed so well organized and pretty . You can read about the details here How To Organize A Spice Cabinet I highly recommend this project. It’s so satisfying and productive. I’m amazed how much easier it’s been to find things and keep it like new.



I also created this cute cabinet door for all the meausring cups and spoons. Easy access, practical and super cute! You can learn about this project here How To Create A Chalkboard Baking Cabinet





Using labels and containers to organize the fridge really helps to keep things visible, accessible and much neater in the space. I recently cleaned up our fridge and you can read about my tips here How Organize Your Refrigerator And Keep It That Way





We have a super small pantry so I really had to make the most of the space. You can read about my favorite pantry tips here Ideas For Organizing A Small Pantry



I hope these tips are helpful and gave some ideas and a little motivation. Sometimes I just need a photo of a pretty space to motivate me. What makes organizing the most difficult is not having the space to put things. It’s really important to purge as much as. you can first, access what you have then find ways to best contain it. Finding a place for everything and keeping it there is how you stay organized.

They feeling you get when those spaces are neat and tidy is worth the work i promise!





Happy Organizing







July 27, 2021


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